An Exhibit of Zero in Amsterdam August 31, 2015 - Currently and for the next few months on view in the Stedelijk Museum here in Amsterdam is an exhibition devoted to the artists from a number of countries who, during the late 1950s and early
Some Varèsean Themes August 1, 2015 - A bit more than a month ago, under the aegis of the Holland Festival, a tribute was paid to Pierre Boulez (perhaps also in honor of his ninetieth year), his work “Répons” (in its third version)
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud October 5, 2014 - This evening, the tracks are from Germany, or else about that country. To begin with, a set of “Vier Erloschene Bilder” by a young experimental-minded composer in Berlin, John Strieder – a quadripartite
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud September 28, 2014 - Today’s selection of tracks from Soundcloud will come right to the point, as I’ve got a lot on at the moment (amongst which work on a few texts I hope to feature here soon). First of all is a
A September Miscellany September 16, 2014 - With the autumn approaching, the time is right to tend to some of the tasks of maintaining this website, and so readers may notice a few small changes, mainly graphic in kind, here and
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud August 31, 2014 - Rather earlier than usual, today’s round-up – encompassing slightly more than the usual three tracks – starts with a bit of scenographic music from France and ends with a piece of choral music from
C. J. Darnieder August 29, 2014 - An “enthused enthusiast,” as he calls himself, is the young American classical composer C. J. Darnieder, and in his numerous works thus far (he is both productive and exacting, a
The Fires of August (Part I) August 27, 2014 - This summer rushing by, one can say with nearly no exaggeration, has shook to the noise of outbursts around the globe, while now the clamor is churning during the very month in which, a
The Fires of August (Part II) August 27, 2014 - Heraclitus was most profound when he addressed the λόγος at work in the human soul: here one is least sure one comprehends all that he himself meant by these terms, here the possibilities of
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud August 17, 2014 - In this Sunday evening round-up of three tracks from Soundcloud, Scandinavians have the lion’s share, while the odd man out is in effect a bleublancrouge trans-Atlantic
About Marc Yeats (An Appreciation) August 17, 2014 - Reserve when one encounters it in, or else (a better preposition) around an interesting work of music may call forth one’s reticence as a fitting response, signifying at once a tacit
Tracks from Soundcloud on Sunday: Stillness Before the Storm July 20, 2014 - In these parts a great summer heat has borne down, the last week or so, and so I remain interested in the various states of torridity, torpor, and the like that however unfortunately can accompany the
Some Remarkable Releases July 14, 2014 - Halfway through the year is as fitting an occasion as any for compiling an assortment of several remarkable pieces of music offered to the public more or less recently, most of them having been
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud July 6, 2014 - As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I shall have to see whether a Soundcloud round-up will continue to be offered with regularity every Sunday, as by doing so it may become a
Some Renovations July 4, 2014 - As a somewhat overdue step in getting these sites back into a good working order, I have updated several of the Soundcloud playlists, on which the months since their debut had taken a toll, in the
A High Summer Note July 1, 2014 - An apology is due for the unforeseen three-month-long hiatus of this website, but the interruption simply could not be helped. With high summer now arrived upon us, however, I anticipate being able
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud March 30, 2014 - This evening I shall have to hold the commentary to a minimum, as I have a lot on at the moment (and similarly, as far as I can see, for the next couple of weeks). So, without further ado, this
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud March 23, 2014 - In the current crisis, many things despite themselves give off a hollow sound, and not least the language pervading every public realm. This general hollowness, too, is by no
A Youtube Miscellany March 18, 2014 - By way of showing some attention to Youtube, which I may have neglected a bit of late, here is a short miscellany of some videos more or less recently uploaded there, from three artists whom thus
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud March 16, 2014 - Well, another Sunday evening has come, while the world at large looks to be in no better state than was the case two weeks ago – in the interval I was quite under the weather and had no chance to post
“The More Things Change … ” March 2, 2014 - On this March evening, recoiling from our worldly scene where the vortices and the vacuums of power currently sustain one another in tacit mutual complicity, and precipitated
Ein Vortrag zu Tona Scherchen February 22, 2014 - Meine sehr verehrten Damen und Herren, ich möchte zunächst meinen besonderen Dank aussprechen für die Einladung von den Veranstaltern dieser Tagung, weil ich beruflich weder
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud February 9, 2014 - As I have a lot on at the moment, this evening’s round-up, as a sort of follow-through to last Sunday’s post about Leo Ornstein and his music, will be limited to two performances of
Futurist Music and Its Future Today: About Leo Ornstein February 2, 2014 - With this significant centenary year well under way, while, across the Atlantic, the comprehensive exhibition devoted to that milestone in the history of modern art in the United States, the 1913 Armory
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud January 26, 2014 - This evening’s set of tracks from Soundcloud strolls up and down the road between folk and classical music – which is of course a thoroughfare very well-traveled in both directions. To
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud January 19, 2014 - Coming after a long Sunday afternoon at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ for a program of Charles Ives’ work, performed as was to be expected with verve by the Ives Ensemble (especially well-played were the
Jazz Underground, Afoot in New York – Too Many Zooz January 16, 2014 - Towards the end of last year, during my stay in New York, in one of those encounters which can punctuate the intervals one spends on the streets of that city or in their extensions
Something Macabre Is Going on Here … January 15, 2014 - One of last year’s most interesting releases which I’m only now catching up with, was an album by Christopher Laufman, who creates and performs his music under the moniker Wise Blood. As if
A Parisian Band: Loki Starfish January 14, 2014 - In Paris an alternative pop music band has started to garner attention that is, to judge by the publicity materials issued about it, but also by the snapshots taken during its live performances, a
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud January 12, 2014 - Tonight’s round-up on Soundcloud begins in the Caribbean, on the coast in the northeastern part of Columbia, on a ranch somewhere in the vicinity of Riohacha, where, with the assistance of the
A World Premiere at the Concertgebouw January 11, 2014 - This afternoon at the Concertgebouw, the Ensemble intercontemporain, conducted by Pablo Heras-Casado, gave a lively concert featuring, amongst a number of works, the
Tona Scherchen: “Between” January 9, 2014 - In the course of working on a further two-part project about the composer Tona Scherchen – more information about both will be provided at a later date – I’ve come across an audio recording of what
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud January 5, 2014 - This first Sunday evening of the new year I’m just beginning to fire up the system again, and so today’s round-up will be something like a sound-check: quite summary, as these three
Personæ Musicæ: Cuthbért and KuuMA December 30, 2013 - Several months ago, featured here were a few compositions by someone in Nagasaki active musically under the moniker KuuMA (or, written in Japanese, for those who know that language and for
Something in Advance of ARTPOP November 10, 2013 - As tout le monde knows by now, tomorrow Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP will drop, and given how impassioned her performance of “Dope” at the Youtube Music Awards one week ago was – musically she flies the highest
An Exhibition in New York November 3, 2013 - This week I’ve alighted in New York, and in lieu of a round-up this Sunday – for how could I possibly hope to compete with the high-voltage Youtube spectacle shortly to be launched into
On Halloween October 31, 2013 - Halloween is bearing down, and soon I shall be setting off on the road for considerably longer than a month’s time, with the essay I’ve been working on still, alas!, unfinished – but I’m taking the
A Walk on the Wild Side . . . October 27, 2013 - Once again a Sunday evening finds me in haste, as I continue to be immersed in work on the long text I mentioned last weekend, still wrapped up in thinking it and its themes through
This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud October 20, 2013 - In the midst of work on a long text which hopefully will be completed and posted here sometime soon, for this week’s round-up I shall limit myself to spare introductions, simply handing over the
Ilpo Jauhiainen’s New Album: Arrival City October 15, 2013 - The new album, announced some time ago on the Facebook page of the itinerant Finnish multi-talent Ilpo Jauhiainen, was released last week on his Bandcamp page, with some tracks also being uploaded on
An LA Quartet October 13, 2013 - A new discovery is the Angeleno Andy Lange, a pop musician who has single-handedly been assembling a body of work – assuming every role in the process, the writing, singing, playing (all the instruments), and
The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud October 6, 2013 - Today’s roundup of tracks on Soundcloud is one part contemporary classical, one part experimental, and one part deep-house party. We shall start with a new work by the Istanbul composer
Some Updates to the Youtube Playlists October 4, 2013 - Returning from a vacation is an opportune time to conduct some routine maintenance on these sites, and so doing it came to my attention that four of the playlists on Youtube could use a bit of
The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud September 15, 2013 - For this evening’s outing, offered is a collection of some pieces of experimental and improvised music for which the instruments are not simply the tools, instead to a large extent
A Note Concerning Tona Scherchen September 10, 2013 - The composer Tona Scherchen, whom I wrote an article about towards the end of last year, with the idea of encouraging perhaps some additional interest in her works which might lead
The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud September 8, 2013 - This week, the choice of tracks from Soundcloud traverses what is by now a well-traveled triangle between London, New York, and San Francisco, though not perhaps along the most obvious of
On a Somber September First … September 1, 2013 - In view of the warclouds over all our heads, there will not be quite the usual round-up this Sunday so much as a pause to consider three pieces of sober apposite music. From Two Silhouettes in
A New Composition by Rory Smith August 28, 2013 - Right in the midst of the many post-publication mini-after-activities, the mood here is still rather halcyon and elated – and just now, as though to exemplify an exquisite sense
Fynn Farrell August 27, 2013 - The second of the two singers is a young Londoner who has begun to perform material of his own as well as covers of other people’s, Fynn Farrell, whose abundance of skilled passion, in both
Craig Yopp August 27, 2013 - Last week, a couple of the covers of “Applause” which I featured were by singers whom I’d never chanced upon before, and their versions elicited not merely approbation from me, but also
The Sunday – Surprise August 25, 2013 - At last the project spoken of a week ago is ready for its debut, and so I am pleased to announce that nearly all the texts posted on this website, omitting only a few incidental notices
Five Rounds of A.P.P.L.A.U.S.E. August 21, 2013 - A.P.P.L.A.U.S.E. – spelling out the word makes for a catchy hook, but Lady Gaga’s new song didn’t elicit much at all from me initially, when it hit the airwaves last week. To my mind, this
An Apology – and a Piece of News August 19, 2013 - An apology is due for the absence yesterday of the by now usual round-up; I have been immersed in work on a new ancillary feature of this website, which I hope to debut at some point this week. Please stay
The Jasmine Thompson Playlist: “Titanium” August 18, 2013 - The young London chanteuse Jasmine Thompson, who has begun to attract considerable notice during the last couple of months, has recorded a version of David Guetta and Sia’s “Titanium”
The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud August 11, 2013 - In today’s edition of the weekly round-up there are three pieces by artists who have all been featured here before and for whom therefore introductions are not really needed.
Wyly: “Storytelling” August 9, 2013 - On one of the Sunday evening round-ups a while ago, a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” by Ben Sevier was featured, a singer and musician in Phoenix who performs under the moniker Wyly
Michael Bonaventure August 8, 2013 - A third mainstay of a small and distinctive body of musical minimalists and electro-acoustic sound artists in Amsterdam, alongside René Baptist Huysmans and Luiz Henrique Yudo, hails from
Better Late Than Never: The Sunday Round-Up August 4, 2013 - Tonight’s round-up – which comes late (at least in terms of the local time), but better that than never, no? – is an entirely North American affair, starting in California and
Rosalie Burrell: “Paved with Gold” August 4, 2013 - Some time ago, at the height of the winter, one short orchestral work by a young composer in New York, Rosalie Burrell, was featured here, a promising piece entitled – rightly so, given its
On the Lam, Again July 28, 2013 - The heatwave has persisted, though not without the punctuation of a rain-shower or two, and so today I’m feeling no less unruly and desirous of fleeing from any duties at all – on
James Overton July 25, 2013 - Even in an age when, thanks to electronic technology, the human voice can be recorded and then utilized in music as though it were simply another kind of instrument, and thus is subject to all the
On the Lam July 21, 2013 - This evening I had planned to be dutiful and compile one of the by now usual round-ups, but the temperature here has me in its grip instead, and to the degree that under its influence I can
Two Rectifications July 14, 2013 - The vocalist Dee Rüsche, active along with the keyboardist Owen Pratt and the drummer Jonas Ranssøn under the name Női Kabát (the Hungarian term for a woman’s jacket), has informed me that the trio
The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud July 14, 2013 - Covers furnish the substance of this evening’s round-up, which wends its way northward after beginning on the other side of the world – in Buenos Aires. There the band Tangocrisis has
“Young Love” by Eli Lieb July 13, 2013 - The singer and songwriter Eli Lieb, formerly a denizen of the East Village and now relocated to his hometown in Iowa, has penned an original song and produced a video for it which he’s loaded onto
Benin City July 12, 2013 - A couple of weeks ago, a new trio in London called Benin City released a debut album entitled Fires in the Park, and as one of the tracks included on it, a promising number, “Baby,” had
The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud July 7, 2013 - Today’s round-up includes two energetic versions, one a cover, the other a remix, and a bravura original, the former the work of two established acts in Los Angeles and the latter by one in
Midsummer Music by Maxwell Demon: “Aurora” July 5, 2013 - With a fine sense of the right time and place, Maxwell Demon, a singer and musician from Long Island featured here a couple of times before, has released a new album on his Soundcloud page
Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” July 4, 2013 - Of the current batch of stars on the top shelf in pop music, standing apart from the others for several reasons, not least by dint of her rare and rather inimitable voice on the one hand, on
“Stay” x3 July 1, 2013 - They escaped my attention at the time when first uploaded earlier this year, as I was preoccupied by the renovation of this and the other website, but by way of belated rectification here are three
The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud June 30, 2013 - It seems that tonight’s round-up has been captivated by the relative obscurity of the words of some languages I don’t know and by a semi-opaque collection of letters in the
Beaucrat June 30, 2013 - Featured in passing several weeks ago, on an extended Sunday outing through Soundcloud, was a track by a half-anonymous sound artist in Ottawa who calls himself Beaucrat, a
Givan Lötz June 26, 2013 - In Johannesburg there is yet another dual citizen shuttling between the realms of music and the visual arts; his name is Givan Lötz, and his short piece “Strutt” was already featured one Sunday here a
The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud June 23, 2013 - This evening I have relatively little time on my hands (an interesting text near to completion is still in need of some work) and so, without further ado, here is today’s round-up: three tracks that
Ilpo Jauhiainen June 18, 2013 - Another instance of an artist and a musician in one is Ilpo Jauhiainen, a Finn who’s lived in a number of cities abroad, notably in London, Tokyo, and Berlin (weeks ago I featured his
The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud June 16, 2013 - For today’s voyage around Soundcloud, the first track comes from a recently released debut album, Disco to Die to, put out by an evidently acronymically-inclined duo in Los Angeles, OOFJ
Headaches June 16, 2013 - “Headaches,” one might think, would certainly rank low on a list of potential monikers for a musician, lest possible audiences be scared off – nomen est omen – but in New York there is someone
Hess Is More June 12, 2013 - Some months ago while compiling the Sunday round-up I came across a memorable version of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” by a multi-talented Dane, Mikkel Hess, who under the moniker Hess Is More
The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud June 9, 2013 - As a sort of coda to the inquiry into the topics of music, horror, etc., posted the day before yesterday, today’s round-up features three instrumental tracks encountered on Soundcloud whose
Edouard Trolliet (With Some Words About Music and Horror) June 7, 2013 - Amidst the varieties of stories that may be told in the medium of music, the tale of horror can exert a special fascination over both the ear and the mind, where the sounds of fright will affect the former
The Sunday Round-Up – Gone Gaga June 2, 2013 - This Sunday it isn’t the round-up of some tracks from Soundcloud that I’m rushing to complete, but another text which has proven to be a bit more complicated, and also – more to the
Sunday Evening’s Soundcloud Excursion May 26, 2013 - For today’s excursion among the artists represented on Soundcloud, it’s a threesome of diverse urban music which will be offered. To start things off, here is an eerie track called
The Sandman’s Orchestra May 25, 2013 - A couple of years ago, the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist in Lille, Pierre Laplace, and his niece, the neophyte chanteuse and occasional
“Strangelove” – and Wicked Gloves May 21, 2013 - While looking over these websites, I noticed that one track in the “Strangelove” playlist I put together a few months ago had been removed by the band, the Scottish Park Planet – a pity, as it was
Mobidextrous May 20, 2013 - A few months ago I featured in the Sunday evening round-up a collaboration of the English DJ Mobidextrous (earlier a resident of Beijing, he now lives in Singapore) and the Chinese singer
The Soundcloud Round-Up: Some Hours Earlier Than Usual May 19, 2013 - This time around, the Soundcloud round-up will be more of a brief and a belatedly weekend affair. First off is a new instrumental track, “Saturday Morning Blues,” by a guitarist in
People Get Ready May 18, 2013 - Another recent EP release is Zelda Maria, put out earlier this month by the Brooklyn band People Get Ready (there is also evidently a band going by the very same name from
Sweet Random’s New EP: “Untold” May 17, 2013 - Around a week and a half ago, the Russian sound artist known as Sweet Random issued a new EP, Untold, which, following by a few months his first, Love, and constituting just as much of a unity as
A New Composition by Giovanni Dettori: “Quartetto Doppio” May 16, 2013 - The composer in Milan whom I’ve written about before, Giovanni Dettori, has just published a recording of a new work, “Quartetto Doppio,” on his Youtube channel, and this ensemble
The Sunday Soundcloud – Dash? May 12, 2013 - As regards this and the other Musicuratum website, the last week has largely been absorbed by the work after the work, which proved to be somewhat less protracted than the former but demanded an equal
The Work at Last Is Done! May 5, 2013 - Another Sunday evening’s come, and after several long weeks of work on the websites, I’m happy to announce that both of them are back in order and ready for action again – each now I hope
A New Video from The Shures – “Halo” April 26, 2013 - Though I’m still in the midst of bringing this site up to grade, a video just crossed my path that’s remarkable, a rendition of Beyoncé’s “Halo” which, as Gabriel Cabrera and
Res Ipsa Loquitur? April 21, 2013 - The work on this site is not yet done, but much has been accomplished, and with a bit more grit, the thing should be back in order a couple of days from now. I am however quite knackered, and so
A Second Status Report April 14, 2013 - The make-over of the Musicuratum LP site has been largely rounded off, and so I have no time to compile a Soundcloud round-up this week – renovating a website, I’ve learned, or learned again, is
Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud April 7, 2013 - It’s just before midnight on Sunday, and the vernal season is at last upon us, though I’m rushing to catch up – so tonight’s round-up will be brief with words, but longer on sound.
Adam Cuthbért’s EP: Dream World April 6, 2013 - April is the season for album releases, it seems; several have made their debut on Bandcamp (with parts or the entireties thereof being offered on Soundcloud by way of publicity), and
Buke and Gase: General Dome April 2, 2013 - A Brooklyn band I wrote about back on the first of the year, Buke and Gase, will be playing in Paradiso later this month (in fact, tickets for the concert went on sale today) – one of a few gigs in Europe in
The Shures Cover Whitney Houston April 1, 2013 - Gabriel Cabrera and Chris Kennedy of The Shures, though once again without Sophie, the group’s newest member, have ventured an impromptu cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody,” and
A Status Report March 31, 2013 - Tonight there will be no round-up on Soundcloud, as I’ve had my hands full with other matters, so in lieu thereof, a brief status report. The last several days I’ve been working intensively on
Early Bird March 27, 2013 - Alongside the band Forestears, the producers Tom Peterson and Owen Crouch have recently launched a venture into the realm of experimental hip-hop, under the name Early Bird, and at the
The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud March 24, 2013 - For this evening’s round-up I’ve cast a larger net, and so have one track, one set, and one mixtape to offer. To start with the mixtape, “1n+rødµk+1øn +ø §Y§+(3)m§ øf §øµnd§”: it’s the at times
Spring Is Here, Today March 20, 2013 - And it’s about time, too – this winter has dragged on and on. Well, on the occasion and to put some sprightliness into everyone’s step, here are three vivacious tracks found on Soundcloud. The
Pak0 March 19, 2013 - Improbable though it might sound, some memorable dubstep and house music is being created in the very far north, in Russia’s port city of Arkhangelsk, by the artist known only as Pak0 – apart from
The Neil Jansen Playlist: Some of the Bordogni/Rochut “Melodious Etudes for Trombone” March 18, 2013 - The euphonium player Neil Jansen has recorded several performances of the “Melodious Etudes for Trombone,” drawn from Marco Bordogni’s “Vocalises” and arranged by Joannes Rochut, and
Pop Noir March 18, 2013 - An up-and-coming band based in Huntington Beach, although this fraternal duo, the lead singer Luke and the lead guitarist and producer Joe McGarry, hails from Manchester, Pop Noir has accomplished
The Soundcloud Round-Up: Givan Lötz, Mithatcan Öcal, The Sandman’s Orchestra March 17, 2013 - Tonight’s round-up begins with “Strutt,” a piece which an artist and composer living in Johannesburg, Givan Lötz, has loaded on his Soundcloud page; and but for its last extra letter, the
Eines Nachts in Berlin March 17, 2013 - Poised now as we are here on the verge of Spring, I’ve been finding myself ready for a voyage – mainly a nocturnal one, though my hope is to conduct it without nostalgia – into the past and to
A Late Winter’s Night’s Tour Around Soundcloud March 10, 2013 - After nearly a week in which it seemed the new season was at last arriving in these parts, the winter returned in force during the day and is striking back now in the form of a hailstorm – and
The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud March 3, 2013 - This Sunday, for a change, the Soundcloud round-up is occurring early, very early in the morning; I have a lot on at the moment and may as well send it forth now. First up, thanks to a kind
Landon Gadoci: “Tie Me Up” February 27, 2013 - On the Austin singer’s Youtube channel, Landon Gadoci – having announced the release some weeks ago – has uploaded the audio of a single, “Tie Me Up,” one which, suggestive as it is of the
The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud February 24, 2013 - Sunday evening has rolled around again, and so it’s time once more for a Soundcloud round-up – though not, I hope, of any by now usual suspects. An older project of the London singer, songwriter
The Musicians of Billband, Considered Individually February 24, 2013 - As a coda to the previous text about Bill Ryan’s new album, it occurred to me to roll out an omnibus post featuring one or two recordings from each of the musicians that performed on it
Bill Ryan February 20, 2013 - Around a week ago in New York, thanks to a tip by Adam Cuthbért, I was able to devote at least a little time to music and could attend a concert at Le Poisson Rouge heralding the release of the new album
Sunday Evening Wrap-Up on Soundcloud: Nature’s Jokes (Birmingham), Floating Admiral (Lille), and Hess Is More (Copenhagen and New York) February 17, 2013 - Sunday evening is arrived, and so it’s time once more for what may (or may not) become something of a regular feature on this site, namely, a round-up of some music I’ve encountered on
Ferenc Fehér February 17, 2013 - In addition to the Tripes and Industrial Wave Studio materials he’s recently uploaded to his own Soundcloud page, Ferenc Fehér has also provided in its entirety a solo project of his
Daft Beatles February 16, 2013 - It stands to reason that from a city where many of today’s and tomorrow’s new genres in popular music are invented or hybridized into being, some of the most accomplished mash-ups – and
Industrial Wave Studio February 15, 2013 - Another of Ferenc Fehér’s projects is the electronic music duo Industrial Wave Studio, and in this one it is he who sings while Peter Renner creates the arrangements (as is the case with
Sweet Random February 14, 2013 - From Russia – the city of Saratov, on the Volga, to be exact – comes an EP, Love, by someone about whom one is given very little to know other than his first name and his age and the fact that under
Maxwell Demon’s “Tears” February 14, 2013 - Around a month ago, the Bellport, New York singer-songwriter Maxwell Demon uploaded a track called “Tears” onto his Soundcloud page, and I intended to post something about it here in a
“I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” – Revisited by The Shures February 13, 2013 - A cover of “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” by The Four Tops has been uploaded on the Youtube channel of The Shures, and though the group’s newest member Sophie is absent from it
Jan Kerckhofs and Eva Blom Sing “The Boxer” February 8, 2013 - A lovely cover of “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel has been uploaded on Jan Kerckhofs’ Youtube channel, a duet with Eva Blom, and I’ve added it to the playlist – an addition that has
Tracks to Travel by: A Playlist for the Road February 5, 2013 - While I am traveling, what could be better, in lieu of a more regular schedule of posts on this site, than an international playlist of twenty-five tracks meant to fill those empty hours on the road
Another Sunday Evening Wrap-Up on Soundcloud: Paris, Milan, and New York February 3, 2013 - Even though I’m on the road at the moment and absorbed by a few other matters, music is still very much on my mind; and so on this Sunday evening, it seems right to share some tracks to travel by. First
Giovanni Dettori’s Suite EP: An Update February 1, 2013 - All the pieces on the new EP Suite issued by Giovanni Dettori have been uploaded on another site on Youtube, and as I had thought, based on the brief excerpts to be heard on the album’s page at iTunes
A Sunday Evening Wrap-Up on Soundcloud January 28, 2013 - For warmth on this Sunday evening and to start the week off right, here are two memorable tracks just uploaded on Soundcloud. Firstly, a cover of Beyoncé’s “I Was Here” by Andi Kristins. And
Tripes January 27, 2013 - One of the covers I included in the “Strangelove” playlist is the work of the Hungarian band Tripes, which was once but is no longer (Ferenc Fehér has informed me) a trio, Pravda Krisztián
Suite: An EP by Giovanni Dettori January 27, 2013 - The Milanese composer Giovanni Dettori (well-known above all for his “Lady Gaga Fugue” and his efforts to bring back the art of counterpoint) has completed an EP, Suite, and
Nostromo 7 January 26, 2013 - Some days ago, a lead pursued from Ferenc Fehér’s page on Soundcloud – in the band Tripes, based in Kaposvár, Hungary, and now a duo, both he and Marcsingó András compose and play the music, while
On a Chilly January Evening: A “Melancholic Winter Mix” by Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz January 25, 2013 - For a very cold Friday such as this, the Amsterdam DJ Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz, who, exceptionally but not so surprisingly for someone with his formal conservatory training, works
Sodium Bride January 25, 2013 - In putting together the “Strangelove” playlist, I made the acquaintance of some individuals and bands whose work it’s likely that I’ll be writing a bit about in the near future, and one of them is a
In Homage to Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove”: A Playlist January 23, 2013 - It’s late and time for something fun – in the shape of a playlist devoted to several covers, remixes, and mash-ups of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove,” which is another of the songs from the
KuuMA (空マ) January 23, 2013 - Another of this young year’s releases is what is in effect an LP uploaded on the Soundcloud page of a composer (presumably it’s a single individual) residing in Nagaski who appears to move
Jennifer Left January 22, 2013 - A present-day blues singer and a songwriter across the Channel in Brighton who’s beginning to attract notice widely in the UK, is Jennifer Dalby, who goes by the nom d’artiste Jennifer Left.
René Baptist Huysmans’ EP: Dawn of the Anthropocene January 21, 2013 - With the new year there’s come a wave of releases of EPs, and among them a quite interesting one is René Baptist Huysmans’ Dawn of the Anthropocene, issued a few days ago by the small Greek label
The Jasmine Thompson Playlist: “The Power of Love” January 14, 2013 - On her Youtube channel, Jasmine Thompson has uploaded a new cover, a bittersweet rendition of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “The Power of Love,” and I’ve added it to the playlist.
T-Michael January 13, 2013 - Sometimes one comes across an image that is indeed more eloquent than any number of words (or even of notes?) could possibly be, and the convocation of beautiful people that just took place
Adam Cuthbért: Two New Compositions – One an Internet Collaboration with Daniel Rhode (with a Correction Concerning the Latter) January 12, 2013 - Towards the end of last year and at present, during the beginning of this one, Adam Cuthbért has been busy: in addition to his ongoing involvements with the Bang on a Can and the
Knalpot January 5, 2013 - Last month I wrote about a concert held in Amsterdam in which, inter alia, the guitarist Raphael Vanoli and the DJ and drummer Gerri Jäger performed in different capacities; but the two
Buke and Gase January 1, 2013 - At a far remove musically from a band like Balún, but equally at home in Brooklyn (though they now spend at least part of their time in upstate New York, in the city of Hudson), is the duo
Balún January 1, 2013 - Angélica Negrón, who some months ago was written about here, is not only a contemporary classical composer, but an avid participant in independent pop music in New York, more
For an Evening Like This: “Heavy Metal Lover” (Lady Gaga) December 31, 2012 - Tonight bring all your friends because a group does it better ... Yes, this evening it will be that time of the year once again. Now, apart from the intrinsic interest of much of what she does, many of
Through Rooms of Music: Heidi Locher and Frederick Paxton’s Hotel Kalifornia December 31, 2012 - The year coming to an end conduces to thoughts about transience – and about the zones wherein whatever comes and goes might abide for awhile. Pieces of music can provide the
Three Pieces for the End of the Year: A Playlist December 28, 2012 - As we all get ready to leave 2012 behind (or for it to take its leave of us) it occurred to me that the event might call for a short, a very short playlist, and some tracks recently uploaded on
The Give ’em Hell Boys December 28, 2012 - While compiling yesterday’s playlist, I came across a quite distinctive version of “Bizarre Love Triangle” – turned into a country tune! Naturally then I was curious to know more about the
Jonnie Allen December 26, 2012 - A new discovery on Soundcloud is the Englishman Jonnie Allen. Although not a great amount of biographical information is provided on his page there, nor on his Myspace page, one
“Bizarre Love Triangle” Again: A Second Playlist December 26, 2012 - Some months ago I compiled a Youtube playlist of a number of covers done of the song “Bizarre Love Triangle,” perhaps the most memorable – certainly one of the most moving – of the numbers recorded
Brian Petuch December 25, 2012 - Another young composer in the circle of the Sight/Sound festival is Brian Petuch, who, like Adam Cuthbért, lives and works in New York, though in this case the personal information
Daniel Rhode December 23, 2012 - Adam Cuthbért’s close friend and collaborator on the Sight/Sound festival, Daniel Rhode, is likewise a composer, and though he currently lives in Michigan while in the last phase of his
A Concert at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ: Seth Josel, Raphael Vanoli, Ben Frost, and Their Friends December 20, 2012 - Last Friday evening at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ here in Amsterdam, under the auspices of the Amsterdam Electric Guitar Heaven festival, and in co-operation with the Bimhuis and that
The Stephen Carmichael Playlist: A New Video December 15, 2012 - On his Youtube channel, Stephen Carmichael has posted a video of a new cover of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” that is also in part an homage to Cyndi Lauper, in part a mash-up featuring bits from her
Alloapm December 15, 2012 - A duo of producers and DJs in Tokyo, Malc Yacob and Amelie Mirror Adnis, has recently begun to make music of its own under the moniker Alloapm, and it’s exciting stuff; it, along with the
Adam Cuthbért December 14, 2012 - In New York, operating in the realm between classical and experimental and electronic music that’s so well-established in that city, there’s a young composer whose
Tona Scherchen December 14, 2012 - Every so often one chances upon an older composer who, without being entirely forgotten, does seem to stand far off on the sidelines of contemporary musical awareness – by some fluke, given the
A Fourth Playlist on the Soundcloud Page December 13, 2012 - A fourth playlist has been posted on the Soundcloud page, a long one comprising thirty-three tracks, clocking in at just over four hours in length; it tends towards experimental and electronic
“All Over the World” (Boogie Belgique): Audio and Video December 12, 2012 - On its Soundcloud page, Boogie Belgique has uploaded a new number called “All Over the World,” and moved by insistent rhythms and punctuated by crescendi of tense expectation, this
A New Discovery at the New Museum in New York December 7, 2012 - In the Rosemarie Trockel retrospective at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, a short film of thirteen minutes from 1912 is included, The Cameraman’s Revenge, by the animator and amateur
At the Ventana 244 Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: “Sweat Tests” December 5, 2012 - At the Ventana 244 gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (right now I am on a visit in New York) the current show (until the fifteenth of the month) presents the video work
Hayato Takeuchi December 4, 2012 - Judging from afar, by the composers and others who live there whom one comes across from time to time on systems like Youtube and Soundcloud, the musical scenes in Tokyo must be as diverse as they
The Landon Gadoci Playlist: A New Video December 3, 2012 - After an absence of several months – though it’s evident that during that period much work on the music was being accomplished – the Austin singer and pianist Landon Gadoci has posted a
“The Ego” (Nicolas Jaar and Theatre Roosevelt) November 29, 2012 - A new track by Nicolas Jaar and an entity – not unexpectedly, given what one knows of Jaar, who or what this cipher of a collaborator is, is not easy to determine, although it does seem to be
A Musical Painter (or Two) at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art November 25, 2012 - Currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco (where I happen to be at the moment) is a retrospective of the work of Jasper Johns called “Seeing with the Mind’s Eye” that merits a visit
The Soft Moon: A New Video and a New Audio Upload November 24, 2012 - Having just released a new album, Zeros, and currently on a tour of several European cities (according to the schedule posted on its website, a concert in Utrecht is slated for
The Jakub Rizman Playlist: New Recordings November 24, 2012 - The Slovakian harpist Jakub Rizman, or as he’s also known, Giacomo Rizmanotti, has been touring in Italy, and he’s uploaded several new recordings to his Youtube channel, amongst which
Heinrich Heine’s “Ich hab’ im Traum’ geweinet” as Poem and Lied November 21, 2012 - Every so often it happens that the people, places, or times one dwells on – or circles about – in the recurrent privacy of thought, get overwritten by those which enter there unbidden on
A New Feature on This Site November 13, 2012 - Some of the longer texts published on this site are now also available in the PDF format, and I’ve added links to these documents in the individual posts; or they can be found on this page.
A Third Playlist on the Soundcloud Page November 10, 2012 - It’s time for a third playlist on the Soundcloud page; this one is an anthology of songs, and most likely it will be changed frequently, with entries coming and going, as the mood and the music
Rory Smith: “Sadder Song” November 7, 2012 - The young English composer Rory Smith – who’s something of an athlete in music (he recently relocated from Midhurst to Leeds to pursue an advanced course of study) – has begun to upload new
A Second Playlist on the Soundcloud Page November 6, 2012 - I’ve placed a second playlist on the Soundcloud page; this one is imbued with an expressly nocturnal atmosphere (with some crepuscular and matinal moments towards the end), and is twice the
Forestears: A New Upload November 5, 2012 - The six-pierce band from Brighton Forestears has placed a track, “Organ Song,” intended for but not released on the EP Against the Floor on its Soundcloud page as a separate upload
Le Chat de Tom November 5, 2012 - A tip by Luiz Henrique Yudo drew my attention to the page Le Chat de Tom on Soundcloud, where a Parisian electronic musician – where, on a first-name basis only, Thomas introduced
The Eli Lieb Playlist: A New Video November 4, 2012 - On his Youtube channel, Eli Lieb has uploaded a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Ride,” and the rasp in his voice really brings out the grit in this bleak song of open empty roads; it makes a fitting
A First Playlist on the Soundcloud Page November 4, 2012 - On the Soundcloud page, I’ve begun to debut a different kind of playlist – mixtapes utilizing the new generation of waveform players that are still undergoing beta-testing (an effort I’m
A Correction Concerning the Band Light Light November 3, 2012 - Alexandra Duvekot of the band Light Light has sent word that the Dutch four-piece was not the band that performed earlier this week in California, as I had suggested – much as they might have
Maxwell Demon October 31, 2012 - Out on Long Island (where the storm is now over, and just in time for Halloween) there’s a young singer and musician by the name – whether it’s his own or a nom d’artiste isn’t quite clear – of
Light Light October 28, 2012 - Another new Amsterdam band is Light Light, which is a project recently initiated by Alexandra Duvekot and Thijs Havens of the duo Saelors in conjunction with Björn Ottenheim and Daan Schinkel of
The Jasmine Thompson Playlist: A New Video October 26, 2012 - A cover of Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie” has been uploaded by Jasmine Thompson, and it’s as moving – and precocious – a performance as many of the other songs that this young singer in London
The Shures: A New Member and a New Video October 26, 2012 - The “Internet band” The Shures has a new member, the Welsh singer Sophie, and is thus once again a trio; to kick things off, they’ve uploaded a cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” (which
Jack Stanton September 25, 2012 - Another Soundcloud discovery is Jack Stanton, a musician and singer in Oxford, where (judging from the results of a quick Internet search) he’s a student at university; the demo tapes he’s
The Ali Brustofski Playlist: A New Video September 24, 2012 - A cover of David Guetta’s “She Wolf” has been posted on Ali Brustofski’s Youtube channel, and it’s a good vehicle for her thrilling voice (and, in the video, some well-chosen New York locales).
The Stedelijk Is “Open” September 23, 2012 - Amsterdam’s largest museum of modern and contemporary art, the Stedelijk, opened its doors again today to the public after several years of renovation, and one of the artists participating in
The Brackman Trio: Liszt, “Tristia, Vallée d’Obermann” September 23, 2012 - On Anne Brackman’s Youtube channel, the Brackman Trio has posted a recording of a performance of Liszt’s “Tristia, Vallée d’Obermann” dating not from last Wednesday but from the Sunday before
The Boogie Belgique Playlist: Another New Video September 21, 2012 - He moves fast, Oswald Cromheecke – already Boogie Belgique has made another video, this time for the song “Once Have I,” and I’ve updated the playlist with it.
The Cornelia and Portico Quartet Playlists: A New Video September 21, 2012 - The Portico Quartet has posted a video of a song called “Steepless,” featuring the singer Cornelia; I’ve updated the former’s playlist and added it to the latter’s.
Matthew Shlomowitz September 20, 2012 - A young Australian composer who lives and works in London, and who’s already quite accomplished (with Joanna Bailie he leads the Plus Minus Ensemble, and he is also engaged as a teacher at a
At the Lunchtime Concert at the Concertgebouw: The Brackman Trio September 19, 2012 - Today in the Concertgebouw’s series of Wednesday lunchtime concerts, the Brackman Trio was performing – a young Amsterdam ensemble comprising the violinist Tim Brackman, the
Lady Gaga in Amsterdam September 17, 2012 - Today and tomorrow Lada Gaga is back in Amsterdam, this time on her Born This Way Ball; on the occasion I’ve put together a short playlist mainly comprised of some performances in which her voice – which
The Boogie Belgique Playlist: A New Video September 16, 2012 - Boogie Belgique has made a video for the song “Ms. Yutani,” and I’ve added it to the playlist.
Telefon Tel Aviv (Part III) September 15, 2012 - Apparently visual, a dream in the most literal sense of the word seems as if it were specifically addressed to the mind’s eye even though one is in the midst of sleep; yet, listening to
Telefon Tel Aviv (Part II) September 6, 2012 - This playlist includes songs drawn from the several records released by Telefon Tel Aviv from 2001 through 2009; by way of introduction it begins with a performance during a concert in
Telefon Tel Aviv (Part I) September 3, 2012 - September is shaping up to be a very busy month here (and towards the end of it I shall be going on vacation for several weeks), but I was so moved by a song I just came across while putting together
Garçon Garçon August 30, 2012 - August is coming to an end and tonight a nearly tropical thunderstorm is sweeping over Amsterdam – and on the Internet I just came across a duo from Down Under called Garçon Garçon that’s
A New Recording by Pursuit Grooves August 30, 2012 - The latest project of Pursuit Grooves (as the New York DJ Vanese Smith is known) will soon be released (under the alternate moniker 91 Fellows), and on her Soundcloud page she’s posted a couple of tracks
A New Recording by Neil Jansen August 30, 2012 - On his Soundcloud page, Neil Jansen has uploaded a recording of a composition by Anthony O’Toole entitled “War Machine.”
Dan Tramte August 29, 2012 - Currently pursuing a doctorate in the music department of the University of North Texas, Dan Tramte is a composer with a great interest in computer technology and its musical usages
Yes the Raven August 24, 2012 - Born in Belfast but having relocated as a teen-ager to the Appalachian part of North Carolina, the singer and songwriter – in his case those terms begin to sound trite, and actually he has the
Franck Christoph Yeznikian August 19, 2012 - That portion of contemporary classical music that is mainly about other music or other artworks which are in some way musical without themselves being music (if it is indeed “about”
A Recording of “Cânone em π” (Luiz Henrique Yudo) August 15, 2012 - On his Soundcloud page, Luiz Henrique Yudo has uploaded a lovely performance (given on February 13, 2010) of his variable work “Cânone em π” (composed in 1983) by the
Nicolas Jaar and His Friends: An Update August 13, 2012 - While carrying out some routine maintenance here, I noticed that the audio tracks I had included in the post on “Nicolas Jaar and his friends” had gone dead, as a consequence of a
A Sunday Evening Interlude: “Bizarre Love Triangle” August 12, 2012 - To chance upon an allusion to “Love Will Tear Us Apart” today was unexpected, and the encounter threw me back forcibly to the time when that number was new; it struck me, but not for the first
Son Lux August 12, 2012 - Glimpsed from across the Atlantic, the current new music scene in New York looks and sounds as though more and more is happening on and off the grid there, where the paths of contemporary
Yogev Freilichman August 11, 2012 - Yogev Freilichman is a music student in Jerusalem who’s been uploading some eerie pieces of electro-acoustic and ambient music on his Soundcloud page, including one or two that feature his
Rory Smith August 9, 2012 - A young composer living in Midhurst, England, Rory Smith is well-known in Soundcloud circles throughout the world on account of having been chosen as the “Soundclouder of the day” last
The Chen Zhangyi Playlist: A New Video August 9, 2012 - The Singaporean ensemble Re: Mix has posted a video of its premiere of Chen Zhangyi’s “Ariadne’s Lament” (in an arrangement for string orchestra) – a companion piece to his
College August 7, 2012 - Those who, having missed it the first time around or paid insufficient attention back then, require instruction in electronica of a sort of which more than a few scores for Hollywood films
Dirtmusic August 7, 2012 - While assembling the playlist featuring Nico I came across a cover of “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by Dirtmusic, which I included in it, and the character of that number convinced me to compile a
Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz August 6, 2012 - The Netherlands in general and Amsterdam in particular do not lack for DJs whose sound tends towards the memorable or the unusual, but in a class all his own is Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz. Where
A Canal Pride 2012 Finale: Two French Chansons August 6, 2012 - To close out the Canal Pride weekend, here are a couple of French chansons. First, a short playlist with three very different renditions of “Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux” (the poem by Louis Aragon was
Tonight, Since … It’s Time for “Nessun Dorma” August 4, 2012 - For a night like this, when – in this city on this day – not so many will in fact be sleeping, it seems time for that exquisite aria from Turandot, “Nessun Dorma,” and here, given the quality
At the Stroke of Midnight … August 4, 2012 - Well, it’s the stroke of midnight, so let’s kick off the Canal Pride weekend with some music that should appeal to everyone, shall we – Aretha Franklin! Here in one special short playlist are
Klaus Nomi August 3, 2012 - With the Canal Pride weekend commencing here in Amsterdam, I’ll cast an eye back three decades to the birthplace of today’s gay movement, New York, and offer a playlist featuring the work of one of
Daphne Guinness August 2, 2012 - The English heiress Daphne Guinness (she divides her time between New York, London, and Paris) is renowned for her couture, but less often recognized is the fact of her early operatic training
Chen Zhangyi August 2, 2012 - One of Stephen Edwards’ friends and fellow students at the Johns Hopkins conservatory, Chen Zhangyi is now making a name for himself in the United States, back in his homeland, Singapore, and
On the Occasion … (II) August 2, 2012 - Today, in view of the upcoming Gay Pride weekend, let’s have a bit of Jean Genet. Here are two versions of “Le Condamné à mort” set to music by Hélène Martin – in the first she’s also the singer. While
Wise Blood August 1, 2012 - As one might already surmise from its name, the Pittsburgh band Wise Blood – a.k.a. Christopher Laufman, who, in his own recounting, at an earlier point in his life found work in some sort of
The Vagary August 1, 2012 - The Amsterdam two-piece band Saelors is not the only one that the singer and guitarist Thijs Havens participates in; alongside it there’s also a four-piece called The Vagary, whose
On the Occasion … August 1, 2012 - Here in Amsterdam, the Gay Pride weekend will soon be upon us; so by way of acknowledgement it won’t be straying too far from the purpose of this site to embed a few early works of quality on this
Jasmine Thompson July 31, 2012 - Jasmine Thompson is another instance that makes one reflect upon the paradoxe sur le comédien, or rather, in her case, the paradoxe de la chanteuse, even if the word “chanteuse” is not now the
Patrick Thomas July 31, 2012 - Hailing from Dallas, Patrick Thomas is a country singer and songwriter who’s currently studying at Vanderbilt University and whom fellow student Shane Stever of Melohouse has befriended there
Daisuke Tanabe July 31, 2012 - The erstwhile art student Daisuke Tanabe is a DJ and electronic musician in Tokyo who’s lived in London and is currently represented by the Berlin record label Project Mooncircle, and
“Ms. Yutani” (Boogie Belgique) July 31, 2012 - Oswald Cromheecke is good! I can’t get enough of his stuff – and already Boogie Belgique has posted another track on its Soundcloud page! This one is entitled “Ms. Yutani,” and it sounds as though
The Soft Moon July 30, 2012 - This is a band that makes “music for the end of the world,” as it declares grandiosely on its Facebook page, and though it’s highly likely that the term “the end” is intended in the most
Saelors July 30, 2012 - Here in this harbor city (such as it continues to be) there’s a two-piece band called Saelors which, as it performs in English, alerts us to its preoccupations with its name – the sea and what
Matthias Rascher July 30, 2012 - Youtube’s character as a (in theory at least) worldwide forum, where one may catch sight or hear of interesting people worlds away whom one otherwise would never have come across at all, is a topic
Pursuit Grooves July 29, 2012 - Pursuit Grooves, as the multitalented New Yorker Vanese Smith is known in her work as a DJ (in this capacity she performs frequently on both sides of the Atlantic) and music producer, creates
“My Heart” (Stephen Carmichael) July 29, 2012 - Stephen Carmichael has updated his Soundcloud page, and one of the new tracks is entitled “My Heart.”
“Sunday Blue Sky” (Boogie Belgique) July 29, 2012 - Well, this is turning into a Sunday à la belge: Boogie Belgique too has posted a new number on its Soundcloud page, “Sunday Blue Sky” (and indeed so it is, or nearly).
A New Recording by Jan Kerckhofs July 29, 2012 - On his Soundcloud page, Jan Kerckhofs has uploaded a recording of “I’m Yours” – a live performance last week at the MNM Summerclub concert series. Judging by what’s said at the end of
Portico Quartet July 29, 2012 - These days, jazz is percolating in London, where, in the music of the Portico Quartet, it’s invigorated by the beats of the clubs, by the dissonance of contemporary classical and the
Upgraded and Updated July 25, 2012 - Those who’ve been following this website with regularity will have noticed that in the last several days it’s been more of a typographical disaster zone than anything else
Nick Pitera July 20, 2012 - Nick Pitera is the well-known baritone who, with an astonishing falsetto range and a voice that’s protean, is able to interpret male and female parts with equal ease, a talent he puts to
Another Technical Note July 19, 2012 - A happy and unexpected upshot of the technical difficulties – the Youtube playlists now function as intended, no longer beginning with the second video in the sequence! (At least on these
Angélica Negrón July 18, 2012 - One of the most active and interesting young composers in New York now is Angélica Negrón, who, with her guest programming for the WQXR radio station and her numerous other projects on the
A Technical Note July 17, 2012 - Due to some technical issues, but much more on account of the fact that I was not entirely satisfied with the layout of this site (and of the Large Print one) it was necessary to spend several
The Musgraves July 16, 2012 - Based somewhere in the English Midlands and comprising four musicians who go by their first names only, The Musgraves is a new band (the first LP will be released in September) that’s
Melohouse July 15, 2012 - In Nashville – I believe that they’re students at Vanderbilt University – there are a number of talented a cappella singers who have a presence on Youtube under the name Melohouse
Eli Lieb July 15, 2012 - An East Village singer and songwriter who’s returned to his Iowa hometown of Fairfield, but who visits the city with some regularity, Eli Lieb recently released a first album of original
Nguyên Lê July 15, 2012 - A prolific recording artist since the 1980s and esteemed for the ensembles in which he’s participated with other musicians and for his enthusiastic reception of many varieties of
Andi Kristins July 12, 2012 - In the case of the singer, songwriter, and electronic musician Andi Kristins, a New Yorker who’s from Reykjavik and who has lived in numerous countries and in various parts of
Nicolas Jaar and His Friends July 12, 2012 - A little while ago I wrote a bit about Valentin Stip, an electronic musician who was signed to the Clown and Sunset record label, founded by Nicolas Jaar as a home for himself and his fellow
Forestears July 12, 2012 - Forestears – the pun, or in fact the set of puns (there’s more than one sort of tear, after all), in the name is itself appealing – is a band in Brighton which began three years ago as a duo and
Detroit Swindle July 10, 2012 - On its Soundcloud page, the Amsterdam duo Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets notes that they did not grow up in each other’s proximity and came of age still further from Detroit – and yet had very similar
Ben Carey July 10, 2012 - Ben Carey is a saxophonist, a composer, and a wizard of technology – the specifics of this side of his activity, I must admit, go over my head, though I can still admire
17 Hippies July 10, 2012 - Established in 1995 in Berlin, the band 17 Hippies – they aren’t hippies, though they tour very often and far, nor are there currently seventeen of them, rather it’s now a twelve-piece group – began as a
Stephen Dedalus July 9, 2012 - A Joycean composer in Clermont, Stephen Dedalus is another discovery made thanks to Soundcloud, though he also has a Youtube channel (which he doesn’t use very often) as well as a Myspace page
The Boogie Belgique Playlist: A New Video July 9, 2012 - Boogie Belgique has a new number out, and I’ve added it to the playlist: “The Spanish Count.” But don’t miss the debut album Blueberry Hill either.
The Stephen Carmichael Playlist: A New Video July 7, 2012 - There’s a new video that Stephen Carmichael has posted on his Youtube channel, a cover of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake,” and it’s good; I’ve added it to the playlist. Here it is.
North American Nihilists in London June 30, 2012 - In many ears it must sound like a strange phrase, most likely, but it actually refers to something: London as an American city (for many hundreds of thousands of Americans live there, augmented
Michael Kiwanuka June 29, 2012 - With the March release of his debut album Home Again, Michael Kiwanuka has been making a name for himself not only in Great Britain (he’s from London) but in the US and on the Continent as well
Gossip June 29, 2012 - As it happens, next Monday the band Gossip – singer Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan Howdeshell, and drummer Hannah Blilie – will be stopping in Amsterdam on their current European tour to
Peter Hollens June 29, 2012 - Peter Hollens, of Eugene, Oregon, is prominent as one of the best of the current wave of beatboxers, musicians who replicate all the various sounds in a musical arrangement by means of their
Valentin Stip June 29, 2012 - Signed last year to the Clown and Sunset label for an EP, Anytime Will Do, Valentin Stip is a Parisian transplant in Montréal who, as could be expected of one of Nicolas Jaar’s associates
René Baptist Huysmans June 28, 2012 - René Baptist Huysmans is not a professional musician, but rather a linguist specializing in one of the languages of Nepal, who divides his time in Europe between Amsterdam and Berlin – though
Grégory Marteau June 28, 2012 - Another participant in the circle around the Collectif Éole in Toulouse, is a young composer named Grégory Marteau, whose work has already been performed at numerous festivals
Jornt Karel June 27, 2012 - Another of those discoveries that a system like Youtube, at its best, can make possible, is Jornt Karel; he’s a musician and singer who lives in a village called Easterlittens in Friesland
Neil Jansen June 27, 2012 - Neil Jansen, a classically-trained euphonium player in Los Angeles, is a musician whom I first learned of not through his Youtube channel but actually on account of Google, which led me to
French Cassettes June 27, 2012 - The band French Cassettes – a group from San Francisco – makes music that vibrates with youthful uncertainty, overassertive one moment and bashful the next; in the downtempo numbers
Xavier Baert June 24, 2012 - The hour’s gotten late and some silence is in order. But silence isn’t just one thing – some silent films are actually rather musical. Some of Xavier Baert’s short films represent
Christophe Ruetsch June 24, 2012 - Another interesting discovery on Soundcloud is Christophe Ruetsch, who’s active in the hub of musical activity in Toulouse that the composer, conductor, and performer
Cem Özçelik June 24, 2012 - Cem Özçelik is a member of that group of composers whom one can encounter on Soundcloud – if one has time and patience enough to wander about there a bit. Just as on Youtube, though in a
Luiz Henrique Yudo June 23, 2012 - Luiz Henrique Yudo is a contemporary Brazilian classical composer who’s lived for many years in Amsterdam. Educated in his native country as an architect and in this city at the Film and Television
Milosh June 23, 2012 - The singer and electronic musician known as Milosh (a.k.a. Michael Milosh) hails from Toronto, Canada, but moves about frequently, as he states on his Facebook page
Ørjan Matre June 23, 2012 - There’s a young composer in Norway whose pieces are already being performed in his own country and abroad: his name is Ørjan Matre. A recording of his “Four Miniatures for Orchestra”
Downtown New York June 22, 2012 - It’s early Friday evening, and time for a change – so how about a playlist that presents some of the music, satire, and humor circulating in one particular corner of downtown New York – the one where the
Onra June 22, 2012 - A most sophisticated sense of how yesterday’s records or those from the day before yesterday, found while on longer trips abroad, may be sampled and incorporated into music that one
Nico June 22, 2012 - Nico (Christa Päffgen, 1938-1988) remains a fierce presence even nearly twenty-five years on. Some of the most prominent female singers of today owe quite a bit to her and to facets of her
Stephen Edwards June 22, 2012 - Soon to finish an advanced course of study at the Johns Hopkins’ conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland, Stephen Edwards is a young American composer who’s already written quite a few
Prabhu Edouard June 22, 2012 - From southern India, the tabla player and vocalist Prabhu Edouard – he’s skilled in several other instruments as well – has made his home in Paris, where he often works with other musicians
Gregory Douglass June 22, 2012 - A singer/songwriter in Burlington, Vermont, Gregory Douglass has built up an extensive body of work over the last fifteen years or so; but it’s his covers that are most readily available on
Giovanni Dettori June 22, 2012 - Increasingly well-known for his work in bringing back the fugue as a musical form, Giovanni Dettori, a composer in Milan, is active also in composing in other forms as well. The former is
Cornelia June 22, 2012 - In London, recently relocated, there’s a young Swedish singer and master of the remix, Cornelia Dahlgren, whose nom d’artiste is simply Cornelia; there she’s found herself amongst several
Jamie N. Commons June 22, 2012 - There are some singers in the UK with a special feel for the accents of the southern part of the United States, and Jamie N. Commons, from London, is one of them; his version of the South is
The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic (Part II) June 22, 2012 - What a superb piece of theatre! Biographical it was, but with much omitted and even more that had been stylized for the stage, Abramović and Wilson’s work was both beautiful and sharp. The singer
The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic (Part I) June 21, 2012 - This evening there’s a performance of The Life and Death of Marina Abramović at the Holland Festival – a production that premiered last year at the Manchester International Festival. A bit
A First Milestone … June 20, 2012 - The search engines are noticing!
Stephen Carmichael June 20, 2012 - Stephen Carmichael, a young singer and musician in Brisbane, Australia, with a striking performance persona, has been reviving the pop music of the early 1980s for the last couple of years
Caleb June 20, 2012 - Dan Halamandres and Elyza Nicholas, hailing from Southend-on-Sea in England, together form the duo Caleb, and their music partakes of the melancholy of seaside regions, as do
Ali Brustofski June 20, 2012 - Ali Brustofski is a singer in New York with a voice and a band whose sound could – and probably will – rock whole stadiums. She’s got great volume! And she also excels in duets, for instance in
Boogie Belgique June 20, 2012 - These days there’s some very witty dance music being made in Ghent, Belgium – by an outfit with the name of Boogie Belgique. Who knew that dialogue from the classic Hollywood cinema would lend
Samm Bennett et al. June 20, 2012 - Born in Alabama and having lived in Boston, Nigeria, various European countries, and New York – where he was well-known in the experimental music scene – before settling in Tokyo
Avant la Lettre June 20, 2012 - A young band from Amsterdam, Avant la Lettre – Laurens Radstake (vocals, guitar, keys, bass, programming), Erwin Stoepman (keys, guitar), Lyangelo Vasquez (bass, keys), Titus Zeldenrust
The Shures June 17, 2012 - Currently a duo (a trio up until early this year), the “Internet band” The Shures now comprises Gabriel Cabrera, from Sydney, and Chris Kennedy, from London (with, in a recent collaboration
Jakub Rizman June 17, 2012 - In Jakub Rizman’s hands – a Slovakian harpist with a conservatory training – the harp becomes an instrument as fierce as it is beautiful, thus doing away with the slight disdain in which it is
Shan Malaika June 17, 2012 - Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, singer and songwriter Shan Malaika imbues everything she sings – in flawless English no less – with an abundance of soul, and she doesn’t avoid even some of the
Jan Kerckhofs June 17, 2012 - A musician in the Antwerp area, Jan Kerckhofs is especially fond of acoustic material, whether British or American, and he delivers it marvelously. And he’s one of a number of
Landon Gadoci June 17, 2012 - Landon Gadoci is a singer and piano-player living in Austin, Texas – though he travels often – who excels in conveying inward feeling; he knows a thing or two about the human heart.
Tiago Braga June 17, 2012 - Tiago Braga, from Portugal, is a pianist, singer, and – it’s becoming clear – a born presence on stage; he’s a performer with a strong sense of the way English should sound, not to