Stephen Dedalus

A Joycean composer in Clermont, Stephen Dedalus is another discovery made thanks to Soundcloud, although he also has a Youtube channel (which he doesn’t use very often) as well as a Myspace page (which he does). He is a composer of electro-⁠acoustic music – this sort of music seems to be something of a French specialty at present – which he also performs live, adjusting the dials on his console as nimbly as other musicians press their keys or pluck their strings.

The following are some of his compositions (and there is more on his page on Myspace).


Prolétaires, ulyssez-⁠vous !


Soleil couchant (sur les collines).”

Monologue d’ivrogne.”

Les Raisons de la colère.”

And “Le Dernier Verre.”