The Soundcloud Round-Up: Some Hours Earlier Than Usual

This time around, the Soundcloud round-⁠up will be more of a brief and a belatedly weekend affair.

First off is a new instrumental track, “Saturday Morning Blues,” by a guitarist in New Jersey, Justin Valente, posted by him yesterday.

Late last month, the classical mixmaster here in Amsterdam, Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz, posted a new compilation, whose title alone already caught my eye; the mix itself then fulfilled that implicit promise, and so here is the bold set, “Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue?

The last piece in today’s round-⁠up is around a year old, though I just came across it; in this late-⁠evening number, by the rough sensuous strokes of his phrasing, the Melbourne musician and singer Chet Faker (which is presumably only his stage name) lets it be known that “I’m Into You.”