Chen Zhangyi

One of Stephen Edwards’ friends and fellow students at the Johns Hopkins Conservatory, Chen Zhangyi is now making a name for himself in the United States, back in his homeland, Singapore, and elsewhere in the world, in the UK and Japan in particular (with his works being performed by major orchestras there) – and not solely as a composer but as a conductor and a violinist as well.

The playlist includes recordings of two premieres, while on his Soundcloud page he’s uploaded a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra of his work “Ariadne’s Love.”

In these orchestral works, those who have their ears open for Angst will seek in vain for chances to tremble. Rather it is luxe, calme et volupté to which the tones conduce and in which they hold us; even though it be late at night in the world of this music, and already “towards dawn,” here, borne along by the short swelling crescendos and tickled by hints of jazz, one feels quite fresh while awaiting the sunrise or doing whatever else it is that one has been staying up for.