The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud

For today’s voyage around Soundcloud, the first track comes from a recently released debut album, Disco to Die To, put out by an evidently acronymically-⁠inclined duo in Los Angeles, OOFJ, formed, their Facebook page informs us, out of a shared love for French synthesiser music and Russian themes, by the South African singer Katherine Mills Rymer and the first-⁠name-⁠only multi-⁠instrumentalist and producer Jenno; and in “Pinstripe Suit” one can hear the sounds of those favourite things wafting through arrangements whose character is decidedly symphonic (Jenno’s musical background having been classical).

The second track comes courtesy of the very dedicated small record label Awesome Tapes from Africa, which, when it is not busy disseminating new material, exists in order to reissue older recordings by artists from that continent; one of these, scheduled for release later this month, Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instrument, makes available again after thirty years an album by this Ethiopian musician, and on the label’s Soundcloud page one of the tracks, “Shilela,” has been uploaded as a sample of the entire record.

One relatively recent number by the New York band Nihiti – whose own obscurity is matched by its music’s – is “Ghosts and Lovers,” which is today’s last track. In it the texture of industrial music is wrapped around a pattern which was perhaps drawn from minimal music, and the haunting whole which results might lend itself readily to accompany a short, slow, shadowy work of contemporary choreography, most likely for a trio of dancers.