Those who, having missed it the first time around or paid insufficient attention back then, require instruction in electronica of a sort of which more than a few scores for Hollywood films were made during the 1980s, could do worse than to turn to College for a crash course. Now, what is College? It’s a musical project of the Frenchman David Grellier in which he realises what is evidently a great love for this music that was (or became, by adoption) specifically American, paying it the honour of renovating it somewhat, tightening and above all speeding it up a bit, with an ear to today’s tastes – so the music, thus restored, is starting to live a second life on dance floors throughout Europe and North America.

And, in this revitalised form, it isn’t so surprising that it once again graces the screens in cinemas: the EP he made (in collaboration with those two kindred spirits from Toronto, Electric Youth), A Real Hero, was utilised last year in Nicolas Winding Refn’s film Drive.

When not busy with College, Grellier devotes his time to the record label he established as a home for his kind of music, Valerie, and other bands such as Anoraak have begun to congregate there.

College and Anoraak have collaborated on a number that’s been posted on Grellier’s Soundcloud page, “The Light of Your Dress.”

While on his Myspace page he’s uploaded the song “Amira.”

Who’s ready for some late-⁠night – studying?