The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud

For this evening’s round-⁠up I’ve cast a larger net, and so have one track, one set, and one mixtape to offer.

To start with the mixtape, “1n+rødµk+1øn +ø §Y§+(3)m§ øf §øµnd§”: it’s the at times disturbing work of an anonymous outfit in South Africa, Åfr1kŧøµ+h rh1zømÅ+1k§, whose aim is to provide a platform for experimental and electronic music there, and includes pieces by nineteen different artists (further information about them, for those who are curious, is provided under each individual track in the mixtape on Åfr1kŧøµ+h rh1zømÅ+1k§’s Soundcloud page).

In addition to that first one, another somewhat more recent page has been set up by the same group, which also maintains a Facebook page.

The single track in tonight’s round-⁠up is a fine example of the electronic music being made by Édouard Trolliet, a Frenchman from Tarnos, and is entitled “Never Look Back”: it too veers into disturbing territory musically speaking, evidently owing some part of its inspiration to a cinematic source, the genre of horror film.

Several albums are available on Trolliet’s Bandcamp page.

Traveling now across the Atlantic, two works by the name of “Traces” have been put together in a set by the mysterious duo (as they say on their Facebook page) of the Brooklyn sound artists who operate under the name Goitia Deitz, and their dreamy music is a nice find with which to conclude this voyage around Soundcloud.