The Sunday Round-Up on Soundcloud

As a sort of coda to the inquiry into the topics of music, horror, etc., posted the day before yesterday, today’s round-⁠up features three instrumental tracks encountered on Soundcloud whose character as narration is muted but still perceptible, while each delves, though with differing degrees of darkness, into realms with which all are familiar and where, it seems evident, all have known their share of fright.

The first, the darkest or most down-⁠tempo of the lot, is an instance of primitive open chamber music assembled by someone in Koblenz, Germany, operating under the moniker Oberlin; in this case the personalia are mainly lacking – on the Soundcloud page, in place of a description, one finds just two brief questions: Moi ? Qui ? But the compositions themselves are promising, and “This Is No Night for Sleepwalking” offers a good starting-⁠point if one wants to become acquainted with them.

Somewhat less haunted by horror (it’s as though today’s trajectory describes a withdrawal from that realm, step by step) is a second track just uploaded by the singer, songwriter, and producer in Los Angeles, Mimi Page, “Treading the Abyss,” which she included on an EP a couple of months ago; here some vocal elements are utilised instrumentally, and the result respires with an interesting equanimity – to allude to one of the themes broached in Friday’s inquiry.

The last track exudes a feeling as if it has been rescued from some scene of horror: but actually recovering from the experience is something else entirely, and when one listens hard to “Sérail,” a piece of ethno tec by Jacques Joseph Roux in Givors, one may hear the sound of a convalescence that is nearing completion; this music – or, insofar as it is a story, the protagonist – is perhaps not quite ready to dance again, but already in restless anticipation of the day it has been stretching its limbs.