The Amsterdam two-piece band Saelors is not the only one that the singer and guitarist Thijs Havens participates in; alongside it there’s also a four-piece called The Vagary, whose other members are Julien Staartjes (guitar), Lukas Verburgt (drums), and Bowie Verschuuren (bass). In this band’s name, too, a nautical reference may be contained, though much more softly than with the other – it could be that whoever thought of it was dreaming of the waves. Or perhaps of the nouvelle vague (on the header of his Facebook page, endearingly, Staartjes has placed a still of Jeanne Moreau and Henri Serre out of breath and laughing on that bridge). Or, which is most likely, both at once – for why should the sea and the cinema exclude one another?

When some “enigmatic cityscapes” and, a bit more literally, “dark walls of sound” – as the band’s Facebook page describes it – are thrown in, one will have circumscribed, approximately, the music and its moods. Several parts, especially when the guitars take the lead, exert a sort of aurally hypnotic power that is a bit reminiscent of the longer passages in which The Doors did their thing, so long ago; and in order to highlight this, the playlist tilts towards the band’s live performances.

On The Vagary’s Soundcloud page they’ve uploaded another number, entitled “Time Machine”:

Whenever they are not busy with the band, Verburgt is an aspirant theoretician at the University of Amsterdam and Verschuuren a photographer specializing in desolate people and places.