Patrick Thomas

Hailing from Dallas, Patrick Thomas is a country singer and songwriter who’s currently studying at Vanderbilt University and whom fellow student Shane Stever of Melohouse has befriended there (this is how I heard of him), assisting him in the production of a recent video in which Thomas demonstrates his skill in accompanying himself on the piano while delivering a moving performance of his original song “Stay.” But the less polished and more spontaneous videos Thomas has made on his own are just as remarkable, as his very strong voice comes through flawlessly in them as well, with passion and finesse in equal measure.

Heartbreak, as one might expect, is his main theme, in his original numbers and in the songs he chooses to cover, and yet it’s a little bit hard to believe that someone of his age could evidently know it so well – for from what other source could one sing so convincingly about it? Unless there is, alongside the famous paradoxe sur le comédien, also something like a paradoxe du chanteur.

This is not the place to pursue that question; and anyhow, who am I to try to tell the singer from the song? The main thing is the music itself, and I expect that Patrick Thomas will indeed be taking his talent a long way, even, as he says, all the way to the top.