Sunday Evening Wrap-Up on Soundcloud Nature’s Jokes (Birmingham), Floating Admiral (Lille), and Hess Is More (Copenhagen and New York)

Sunday evening is arrived, and so it’s time once more for what may (or may not) become something of a regular feature on this site, namely, a round-⁠up of some music I’ve encountered on Soundcloud; and as I seem lately to be returning over and over to Depeche Mode, is it any wonder that two of tonight’s three tracks should be covers of that band’s songs?

This time, however, it interested me most to see whether there were any covers of two of them in which Depeche Mode was at its most inimitable – two songs that had, it seems to me, been written exclusively for the band and no one else, tailored to its measure alone, in the performance of which it could excel so far that the idea of venturing to cover them might not readily arise at all, whereas several of the more well-⁠known tunes have been covered repeatedly and in any number of styles, often quite strikingly. Here I’m speaking of “Shake the Disease” and “Policy of Truth,” and, to be honest, most of the renditions of them I listened to on Soundcloud simply didn’t measure up, and I was near to abandoning my little inquiry when I did chance upon a pair that to my ears merited attention and which thus could justifiably be posted here.

From England comes a bouncy version of “Shake the Disease” by Nature’s Jokes, the performance moniker of Chris Payne, a musician in Birmingham.

While across the Channel, an even more experimental “Policy of Truth” has been set out by the Floating Admiral in Lille, otherwise known as Tony Wiek.

Yet once I’d settled on these two, somehow I felt as though some third track were missing from the mix, and in a flash it occurred to me to seek out an interesting cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” (a song that’s likewise been much on my mind these last couple of days) – and then just as quickly I chanced upon a remarkable version on the Soundcloud page of Mikkel Hess, who collaborates in numerous musical projects in Copenhagen and New York under the name Hess Is More.