Maxwell Demon

Out on Long Island (where the storm is now over, and just in time for Halloween) there’s a young singer and musician by the name – whether it’s his own or a nom d’artiste isn’t quite clear – of Maxwell Demon whose rather light arrangements are weighted down by lyrics that veer into dark as well as at times macabre territories, delivered in a voice that’s not beautiful strictly speaking but which makes up for this, memorably, by disposing over a style of recitation that’s disturbing by its very softness; and one remains in suspense about the regions of day or night in which the songs, tugged in different directions by these various elements, are going to end up.

This last summer he released an album entitled Strange Being, and just a month ago or so uploaded a video for one of the songs, “Homewrecker,” on his Youtube channel; it gives a good idea of what he’s about musically.

On his Soundcloud page he’s posted several interesting audio tracks from his album as well.


And “Kill//Love” (which may or may not be a song about vampires).