Spring Is Here, Today

And it’s about time, too – this winter has dragged on and on. Well, on the occasion and to put some sprightliness into everyone’s step, here are three vivacious tracks found on Soundcloud.

The first, from the Soundcloud page of cellist Ashley Bathgate, is a performance she gave of a recent composition, “Empty City,” by the Israeli composer Yoav Shemesh, in conjunction with a choir comprising Noa Atar, Erez Elfassy, Chen Levy, Tamar Mayzlish, Amir Solovitch, and Shemesh himself (this information is drawn from his website).

Next is a new piece just posted, with a nice sense of the timing, after an extended Internet sabbatical, by David Grellier’s electronica project College; it’s entitled “Révélation” – and it lives up to its name.

The third of today’s celebratory offerings is a buoyant composition with a humorous title – “Don’t Work the Hustle If You Ain’t Got the Muscle” – by the Englishman Liame Dethridge (he may reside either in Ipswich or in London or in both, according to a quick Internet search), who makes music under the moniker Blue Murder Jazz.