Giovanni Dettori

Increasingly well-⁠known for his work in bringing back the fugue as a musical form, Giovanni Dettori, a composer in Milan, is active also in composing in other forms as well. The former is represented on Youtube under the title Art of Counterpoint, the latter under his own name – both equally interesting.

Michael Wyatt has published an informative interview with him on the Reichel Recommends website.

His most prominent work is without a doubt the “Lady Gaga Fugue,” which has even been played at the BBC Proms (where, in a thought-⁠provoking phrase, Dejan Lazić, who performed the piece, called Dettori a friend of mine I’ve never met); there are numerous performances of it by younger musicians, in various arrangements for different instruments, sometimes for more improbable ones. It is a composition that exemplifies how the fugue could open itself to popular music and thus emerge as a form that might help reinvigorate contemporary classical music. (He has also written a few other fugues along similar lines.)

Two other compositions on his Soundcloud page are “Plach Domrabotnizy (The Weeping of the Maid).”

And “Alcoholic.”

And on his Myspace page there’s a composition called “Prologoexcerpt.”