This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud

This evening I shall have to hold the commentary to a minimum, as I have a lot on at the moment (and similarly, as far as I can see, for the next couple of weeks). So, without further ado, this round of selections comprises a new track by Jonnie Allen, who’s been featured here several times before, entitled “Must…Sleep” – an evocative unclassifiable experiment; an unexpectedly successful attempt to translate a built structure, namely, the villa created ninety years ago in Garches, located just to the west of Paris, by Le Corbusier for Michael Stein (the brother of Gertrude), with its grid-⁠like spatial arrangements, into the regularities of musical sound, by a designer and composer in New York, Zachary Todd Barr; and thanks to a special project (one which is also represented by a Soundcloud page of its own) of another composer in that city, Susie Ibarra, called Electric Kulintang, finally, there is a full-⁠fledged sonic ode in stereo to the plaza in Manhattan that is named in honour of the artist Louise Nevelson and where some large works especially commissioned from her are installed.