The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud

It seems that tonight’s round-⁠up has been captivated by the relative obscurity of the words of some languages I don’t know and by a semi-⁠opaque collection of letters in the one I know best.

This compendium ventures, to begin with, into some new territory and returns with a first: courtesy of the local label Recordiau Lliwgar, a lovely electronic track is available on Soundcloud, “Celwydd,” produced by the Welshman Ifan Dafydd, with vocals by him (I believe) and Alys Williams – in Welsh. Although the meaning of the lyrics I can only guess at, the qualities of the music and the voices speak for themselves.

Second on the program is a recent track by a heavily electronic outfit in London to whom some attention was paid here around a year ago, a trio, perhaps Anglo-⁠Danish-⁠German in nationality, comprising the vocalist Dee Rüsche, the keyboardist Owen Pratt, and the drummer Jonas Ranssøn, called Női Kabát (which is a Hungarian term for a kind of woman’s jacket). The name of this voluminous song is “Make Room! Make Room!

Tonight’s last track hails from New York or, more specifically, I’d wager – taking as a geographic clue the acronym or abbreviation, ASTR, by which the mysterious duo which made it is known – from the East Village, a tune called “Razor” with vocals that are Rihannaed in timbre, lyrics in which a heart rendered unsure by its own raw disorder speaks for and against itself, and arrangements whose jaunty energy replicates nothing so much as the surges of vitality one feels while walking through that neighbourhood or any of the others like it.

Postscript. Rüsche has informed me that Női Kabát is entirely English and not, as I had surmised in view of the surnames, an Anglo-⁠Danish-⁠German troika, although only Pratt and Ranssøn live in London: Rüsche resides in Budapest.