The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud

Covers furnish the substance of this evening’s round-⁠up, which wends its way northward after beginning on the other side of the world – in Buenos Aires.

There the band Tangocrisis has brought some of the sonic resources of tango to bear upon rock and pop music, and the fine example of the music that results may be listened to in a version of Depeche Mode’s “Policy of Truth,” which is notable particularly for a smooth integration of the accordion into its ensemble of instruments.

Transporting ourselves now onto quite another scene – different hemispheres, cities, idioms – we encounter something which sounds to be an all-⁠electronic rendition (perhaps including the occasional use of Auto-⁠Tune for special vocal effects) by the Chicago DJ Devin Whitaker of Lana Del Rey’s “Carmen,” which represents something of a feat, for this song must surely be one of this rather inimitable singer’s most resistant to being covered at all well.

Previously active under the name New West but now performing under his own is the Philadelphia singer and songwriter Chris Zurich, whose version of “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna is tonight’s last track; it is distinguished by a voice seeking and beseeching in turns and by arrangements that boldly manage to be dreamy and mechanical-⁠measured all at once.