A Youtube Miscellany

By way of showing some attention to Youtube, which I may have neglected a bit of late, here is a short miscellany of some videos more or less recently uploaded there, from three artists whom thus far I’ve featured incidentally and who most likely will reappear on this site in the future as well. In order, then, an acoustic version of the song “Мэрилин” – whose subject is, of course, Marilyn Monroe – by the Saint Petersburg band Mayakovsky (Маяковский), introduced a couple of days ago; a first foray into video by the hitherto mainly underground (literally!) New York band Too Many Zooz, which was profiled here around two months ago, entitled, amusingly, “Spocktopus”; and finally, thanks to the Youtube channel of the record label Future Classic, “Talk Is Cheap,” a number from the debut album of the Australian electronic musician, singer, and songwriter Chet Faker (a.k.a. Nicholas James Murphy), who was presented here around a year ago, scheduled to be released next month.