This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud

In the midst of work on a long text which hopefully will be completed and posted here sometime soon, for this week’s round-⁠up I shall limit myself to spare introductions, simply handing over the word to the three featured artists so they may speak for themselves through the textures of their respective pieces of music.

First in line is a recent track by Nicholas Yu in San Francisco, better known for the subtle electronica issued under the moniker National Park System, “Love Times Time.”

Next, from the Montréal singer and sound artist Graciellita, is a new instrumental and vocal number, entitled “Lowhere.”

The third and last piece, which I came across thanks to a tip from René Baptist Huysmans, is called “XXX”: it is a short orchestral work dedicated to Amsterdam (on whose insignia those three letters are in fact prominent, which has no doubt occasioned more than a little amusement) by Francisco Castillo Trigueros, a composer who, though born in Mexico City and currently residing in Chicago, did live in the city for an extended period of time some years ago. (In this recording it is performed by the Holland Symfonia.)