A duo of producers and DJs in Tokyo, Malc Yacob and Amelie Mirror Adnis, has recently begun to make music of its own under the moniker Alloapm, and it’s exciting stuff; it, along with the reputation they’d previously acquired separately, earned them a contract from Sunlinxx Records in Los Angeles: some months ago their track “Gorilla Slighly” and a number of remixes of it were issued together as an EP.

Listening to the numbers that have been uploaded on their Soundcloud page, it sounds as though the arrangements of this synthesiser music would continue to reverberate around the dance-⁠floor even after a song, or rather its various constituent elements are heard from no more there (for, within the private nightclub in this listener’s head, at least, they’ve certainly echoed on even after the songs in which they were contained are done), while in the vocals, for their part, lines, texts, and words get shredded and in that raw form enter into the mix from all directions: the dancers will be bombarded by them not only from every side but from above and below as well – and they, under this barrage, might then just move their bodies a bit more quickly.

Some of Alloapm’s more quirky – both instrumentally and vocally – tracks are the following; see if they don’t incline you to move too.

Maybe Another Girl.”

Chinagirl London Girl.”

Midnight Cake.”

Don’t Make Me Wait.”

And “Wind in My Heart.”