The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud

This evening I have relatively little time on my hands (an interesting text near to completion is still in need of some work) and so, without further ado, here is today’s round-⁠up: three tracks that do not lay out soundscapes so much as, for want of a better term, moodscapes, with the moods in question ranging from the ethereal and eerie to the industrious and yet easily exhausted – although the three are all suffused with tones which sound like they were struck off stone or metal, and accompanied by the half-⁠clear echoes of human words.

The first is in fact the premier track of a newly-⁠formed musical duo in the USA, Cathedrals, which provides information about itself only sparingly but whose aspirations, as given in the duo’s statement of purpose, are striking, and even, one might say, true to its name. Cathedrals’ aim is to contrast dark and light sounds, creating an ethereal soundscape that evokes imagery in the listener’s mind. Well, to put this sentence to the test, here is “Hapchance.”

From Reading in England comes tonight’s second track, “Nothing Dub,” an original number by an outfit that specialises mainly in distinctive remixes and mash-⁠ups, Version Big-⁠Fi, in musical idioms which owe much to the ways in which the musics of the country’s former colonies in the West Indies have been received and adapted in the UK.

To a sound artist in Auckland operating under the name Reflex Condition is owed tonight’s last track, “No Limitations,” and since especially for this riveting workshop of a number a comment would add nearly nothing, I’d best simply let it speak for itself unreservedly.