Nicolas Jaar and His Friends: An Update

While carrying out some routine maintenance here, I noticed that the audio tracks I had included in the post on “Nicolas Jaar and His Friends” had gone dead, as a consequence of a reorganization at the Soundcloud page of the Clown and Sunset record label, and so I decided that, while leaving that entry as it is, I would create some new Youtube playlists to replace them – and fortunately most of the material is readily available there. In addition, for good measure I’ve also compiled one for Valentin Stip.

(In general, audio tracks that I’ve embedded here which for one reason or another become unavailable I shall leave just where they were; and if there are equivalents on other platforms such as Youtube I’ll be happy to feature these as substitutes in further posts, time permitting.)

Here are the new playlists for Nicolas Jaar, Soul Keita, Nikita Quasim, and Valentin Stip.