Here in this harbour city (such as it continues to be) there’s a two-⁠piece band called Saelors which, as it performs in English, alerts us to its preoccupations with its name – the sea and what pertains to it. In this duo, Alexandra Duvekot handles the cello and Thijs Havens (there’s probably a Dutch joke here) a panoply of other instruments, while both share the singing: as one might expect, their music – darkly sweet minimalist pop or folk noir as it’s termed on the band’s Facebook page – is suffused by the sort of shadows that impinge on maritime cities in particular, and if the part of Amsterdam that’s been called le dernier cercle still existed as it once did (if ever it did, outside the pages of a novel), it would most likely constitute this music’s regular habitat. As things stand now, though, it could pop up anywhere.

Apart from the playlist, which includes video of some of the band’s live performances, on its Soundcloud page there are some other numbers.

No No Cars.”

Pavement Flowers.”

And a studio version of “Blue, Red, and White.”

(Havens is also a member of another Amsterdam band, The Vagary, which will be featured in a separate post sometime during the next few days.)