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“Bizarre Love Triangle” Again: A Second Playlist

Some months ago I compiled a Youtube playlist of a number of covers done of the song “Bizarre Love Triangle,” perhaps the most memorable – certainly one of the most moving – of the numbers recorded by the band New Order back in the nineteen-⁠eighties, and to accompany it, on this site I posted a text about the song; it’s a perennial that has been frequently reprised since then, something of which I was again reminded yesterday as by chance on Soundcloud I came across a number of other remarkable versions, which – the call was nearly irresistible – moved me to assembly them into a second one to complement the first.

This audio playlist, longer than its predecessor, includes covers by Polar Moon, a band from Los Angeles, and Heaven, one from Williamsburg, Brooklyn; Colette Love, a singer from Córdoba, Argentina; Jonnie Allen, a singer and DJ from Salisbury, England; The Good Hurt, a band from Seattle, and Tan Biónica, one from Buenos Aires; the singer known as Theoretical Girl, from London; the band Happy Ending, from New York, and The Give ’em Hell Boys, from Edmonton, Canada.

Here, for completeness’ sake or else for the purpose of comparison, is the first playlist.