Light Light

Another new Amsterdam band is Light Light, which is a project recently initiated by Alexandra Duvekot and Thijs Havens of the duo Saelors in conjunction with Björn Ottenheim and Daan Schinkel of the group zZz (with Ottenheim on vocals and drums, Schinkel on the organ); it’s still early days for this band of bands, and the marriage of musical styles could take a number of directions, but the sound and look of the undertaking, kicked off by an enigmatic video of their song “Airplay” directed by Duvekot and the film-⁠maker Amos Mulder, suggests that this foursome will have a promising future ahead of it: both here and in the English-⁠speaking countries, I should think, and elsewhere too, Light Light can expect to receive a good share of, well, play on the airwaves.

Heading into November, in these parts we’ve just switched over to daylight-⁠savings time for the winter; but the band-⁠members are currently a world away on other shores of light, or at least in a much warmer and brighter climate: so Californians will have a chance to make their acquaintance tomorrow, for they’ll be playing in a city called Murrieta (it’s located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego).

For those who aren’t residents of that state, Light Light may be followed on the band’s Youtube channel and its Soundcloud page, and on Facebook.