A Status Report

Tonight there will be no round-⁠up on Soundcloud, as I’ve had my hands full with other matters, so in lieu thereof, a brief status report.

The last several days I’ve been working intensively on redesigning the Musicuratum LP site, in order, amongst other goals, to render it easier to navigate and to use; and not least to heighten its visual appeal, or to counteract the tendency to ocular monotony and tedium that is I’ve found one of the pitfalls in website design. Some of what I’m learning in the process may be applied here at a later date, though in a quite different way (for why maintain two parallel sites if they do not after all diverge widely from one another in some respect at least?): time will tell.

With the end of that labour in sight, the advent of spring – and this winter has been a brutal one – should herald a burst of new articles, including a few longer ones which I’ve intended to complete for some months now.

In the meanwhile, may I recommend that delightful anthology of Morton Feldman’s writings (which I’ve been strolling through recently), Give My Regards to Eighth Street – it is wonderful and witty.