Jennifer Left

A present-⁠day blues singer and a songwriter across the Channel in Brighton who’s beginning to attract notice widely in the UK, is Jennifer Dalby, who goes by the nom d’artiste Jennifer Left. Following two EPs released last year, during this one a full-⁠scale LP may be in the works, which would afford her an opportunity to showcase her voice’s full range, for it must encompass quite a spectrum of colors, moods, and keys, to judge from what’s been made available thus far on her Bandcamp page and Youtube channel, and also to pair its diversity with an even greater variety of arrangements – she’s shown herself quite willing to renew the blues so that it may speak to the generations raised on house music or on the sounds of the clubs more generally (producing in the process, in collaboration with the remixers in one or two instances, tracks which seem as though they might become the progenitors of new hybrid sub-⁠genres). Through the course of the coming year, it will be interesting to see where this sultry and supple voice takes her, and where she takes it.

The videos in the playlist, inventively directed by Thom Undrell of Novi Films, also manifest Jennifer Left’s quirky and appealing sense of humour.

On her Soundcloud page, she’s uploaded the title song from her first EP, “Black Dog.”

While here is a remix of it by The Wild Knights.

In addition to her own original material, she’s recorded a lovely cover of New Order’s “Temptation.”

Her rendition of the lines

Heaven, a gateway, a hope

Just like a feeling I need, it’s no joke


Tonight I think I’ll walk alone

I’ll find my soul as I go home

is startlingly right and especially exquisite.

Lastly, here is the “Alternative Diggory Pokery Version” of the title track of her second EP.

(But the “Banks Remix” of this song, by Alex Banks, ought not to be missed, either.)