Sunday Evening’s Soundcloud Excursion

For today’s excursion amongst the artists represented on Soundcloud, it’s a threesome of diverse urban music which will be offered.

To start things off, here is an eerie track called “Denouement,” made public around a year ago by a London duo by the name of Two Silhouettes, a collaboration between the multi-⁠instrumentalist Sam Holloway and the vocalist Francesca Allen; their second album, Twelve, was released last month on their Bandcamp page.

Quite a bit more spritely is the Afro-⁠Indie Soul (as it’s called on the band’s Facebook page) of Bells Atlas, hailing from Oakland, California, which is well exemplified in today’s second track, “Loving You Down”: this quartet, comprising the guitarist Derek Barber, the drummer and percussionist Geneva Harrison, the percussionist Sandra Lawson-⁠Ndu, and the bassist Doug Stuart – evidently all four contribute to the vocals – also released an EP on their Bandcamp page last month.

Returning for tonight’s third track to London, here is “Baby,” a chastened tune (which includes a few patches of rough language) by a new trio, Benin City; this band, with Theo Buckingham handling the drums, Joshua Idehen the vocals, and Tom Leaper the tenor saxophone, is slated to release a first album sometime later this year.