A “Melancholic Winter Mix” by Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz On a Chilly January Evening

For a very cold Friday such as this, the Amsterdam DJ Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz, who, exceptionally but not so surprisingly for someone with his formal conservatory training, works nearly exclusively with classical music as his main material and eschews the pulsations which one hears almost everywhere, has assembled a lovely, meditative, melancholic mix and posted it on his Soundcloud page; in it there’s an undergirding of his trademark sonic humour, as a few patches of static or other kinds of radio noise (a counterpart to the rumbling of the trams outside which occasionally are heard during performances in the Concertgebouw, adding a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole) bubble up from below at intervals, in order to intersperse a little levity throughout the minor-⁠key mood.