Cem Özçelik

Cem Özçelik is a member of that group of composers whom one can encounter on Soundcloud – if one has time and patience enough to wander about there a bit. Just as on Youtube, though in a somewhat different way, there’s such an abundance of talent to be met with in unexpected or unsuspected corners, although in this audio-⁠only domain, amongst those musicians who’ve found one another even over great distances, the bonds of camaraderie may be still tighter.

Be that as it may: Özçelik is completing his musical studies in Istanbul, and has already been honoured to have a recent composition performed by the Mivos Quartet while it was in that city on a visit. And in his spare time he maintains a website, a Youtube channel, and a Facebook page – now why does this sound familiar? – by the name of the Contemporary Classical Music Database, where many lesser-⁠known recordings may be perused at one’s convenience.

The following are some of his pieces.

Walking Through the Park at Night.”

Crazy Things.”

Cross Words, i” (andante con fuoco).



And “Zoon” (it’s the transliteration of the Greek “ζώων” (life or form of life), as in the term “ζώων πολιτικών”).