In Nashville – I believe that they’re students at Vanderbilt University – there are a number of talented a cappella singers who have a presence on Youtube under the name Melohouse, which is also a budding music and video production company, founded last year by Shane Stever with his friends Jordan Holland and Suranjan Sen and assisted as needed by other fellow students. Thus far one of their, or rather, his (Stever is the most prominent member of the group) specialties is beatboxing, which in Stever’s hands (hands?) is imbued with musical wit and a soft Southern accent – a very winning combination: “We Found Love” interspersed with moments of barbershop quartet, dubstep, and doo-⁠wop . . . ? Somehow Stever pulls it off; and then there’s a very Southern “Bad Romance” with a killer bassoon (Pieter Valk) and cello (Zan Berry), borne along by another gifted singer, Seth Johnson. Nor should one miss Turi Clausell’s performance, so full of heartbreak, in their cover of “Someone Like You.”