While assembling the playlist featuring Nico, I came across a cover of “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by Dirtmusic, which I included in it, and the character of that number convinced me to compile a short playlist for the band in its own right.

An occasional trio, Dirtmusic comprises the itinerant Australian rock musician Hugo Race and two American counterparts, Chris Brokaw (who was a member of the band Codeine) and Chris Eckman (a member of The Walkabouts and L/O/N/G), and its music has been shaped by sojourns in Mali and the collaboration it entered into with the group of young Tuareg musicians called Tamikrest, with whose participation Dirtmusic recorded its album BKO and with whom it’s gone on to perform live.

Dirtmusic may reassemble in Mali to record a second album.