Telefon Tel Aviv
Part ii

This playlist includes songs drawn from the several records released by Telefon Tel Aviv from 2001 through 2009; by way of introduction it begins with a performance during a concert in Minneapolis of the cover of “I’m on Fire,” followed by a remix of “Worst Thing in the World” by the well-⁠known music producer Jon Gaiser that’s very distinctive (and even humorous) aurally: a special homage to so significant a band from one of its peers in the world of electronic music.

In a brief interview recorded on video by the band’s record label, the Berlin-⁠based BPitch Control, Joshua Eustis, who has persevered alone since Charles Cooper passed away in 2009, offers some insight into the sources of his inspiration and his manner of working.

More recently, on the IDMf interviews page on Soundcloud a longer one conducted by Ben Walthew has been uploaded.

And just a couple of weeks ago, on the band’s Facebook page this auspicious note was posted: When you try for years to have a creative breakthrough and it seems like it will never happen and you get discouraged but wake up a bit too early one day because something woke you up and you go back to work on something and things come together in a way you couldn’t have imagined and you understand your creative trajectory in a blinding flash. . . the sense of purpose that affords is what makes records finally get finished. . .

It sounds as though a very interesting album is heading our way.