Industrial Wave Studio

Another of Ferenc Fehér’s projects is the electronic music duo Industrial Wave Studio, and in this one it is he who sings while Péter Renner creates the arrangements (as is the case with Tripes, the lyrics are written by their friend Gábor Sperla); the band is currently at work on an album, entitled Hit the Hit, and although a few tracks have been uploaded on its pages on Soundcloud and Myspace, the whole, or as much of it as one may now reasonably expect to be given in advance of its formal release, was made available around a week ago on Fehér’s own Soundcloud page (the following three tracks are drawn from that source): while it is too soon to speak sensibly about the album, one notes that this music is both more rapid and darker than much of what Tripes has done, abounding in tones which Fehér’s voice, which is every bit as appealing as Marcsingó András’, though somewhat deeper and rather more smoky than is his (their accents each burnishing the vocal delivery with a certain extra charm), seems well-⁠suited to accompany.

Angel 39.”

Rules of Engagement.”

And “Minefield.”

On the band’s website some additional audio tracks have been uploaded, including an instrumental number, “The Street,” and an interesting remix of Tripes’ “Once in the Lifetime.”

If one may judge from what Industrial Wave Studio has produced thus far, Hit the Hit, whenever and however it appears, will be an album that was worth waiting for.

Postscript. The band’s website seems no longer to be available, but on Bandcamp the track “The Street” may still be found, and I’ll embed it again from there.