Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud

It’s just before midnight, and the vernal season is upon us, though I’m in a rush – so the round-up will be brief with words, but longer on sound.

Ilpo Jauhiainen is an itinerant Finnish artist who’s as at ease in traveling as he is in exploring different types of art, visual and acoustic. Currently it seems he’s residing in Cotonou in Benin: tonight’s offering however is a sonic evocation of that old feature of the topography of Berlin, the Landwehrkanal.

About Jauhiainen I hope to write more in future; the albums available on his Bandcamp page seem promising indeed.

From Raphael Vanoli’s new band, so new that a website or other Internet representation is lacking – although it’s already been performing in well-⁠known venues in Amsterdam and elsewhere – Stolpernova, comes a four-⁠track compilation of some recent live sets, which he has loaded onto his Soundcloud page.

Stolpernova, I imagine, will be stirring up music in these parts for some time to come.

Finally, an electronic musician and producer in Brussels who’s been featured here previously, Analog 80, has posted a set of three pieces under the title “Return to the Moon,” and together and individually – especially the last of them, “Return to the Moon – the Dream Box (Cпутник-⁠1),” delivers some energetic music for midnight.

(This week I hope to round off the renovation of the Musicuratum LP site, and to turn my attention back fully to the musical side of things.)