Garçon Garçon

August is coming to an end and tonight a nearly tropical thunderstorm is sweeping over Amsterdam – and on the Internet I just came across a duo from Down Under called Garçon Garçon that’s embarking this weekend on a tour of Europe and North America, though without stopping here, so, to close out the month, just for a bit of fun and as a second-⁠best I’ve put together a short playlist of their songs.

It’s a new band formed by two guys from Sydney, Nathan Mahon and Nick Tsirimokos, and they’re making some catchy synthesiser pop with a few rougher edges – one song features a rap by Cazwell (which might not be safe for work, be advised) – and bittersweet tinges. I’d wager that the total package is going to be a hit in the various cities they’ll be playing in: the schedule may be found on their Facebook page, and it’s set to culminate with an appearance at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco late in September.