Buke and Gase: General Dome

A Brooklyn band I wrote about back on the first of the year, Buke and Gase, will be playing in Paradiso later this month (in fact, tickets for the concert went on sale today) – one of a few gigs in Europe in support of the album General Dome, released at the end of February and available in part for listening on the duo’s Bandcamp page, in which the music is fuller than, although as loud as, it was before and the vocals now at times dual, Aron Sanchez sharing the microphone with Arone Dyer; the concert in which this new album makes its debut, promises to be a memorable one.

It will be a sight to see how their trademark self-⁠made instruments, the “buke” (a largely remodelled six-⁠string baritone ukulele) and the “gase” (half guitar, half bass) – their names too were evidently spliced together, much like the things which they designate – are deployed in action.

I have had no further chance to decipher or even to study the graphic code that Dyer and Sanchez, inspired by a Sol LeWitt exhibition, employed to create the jacket artwork for General Dome, or even to ascertain if they were all that serious in propounding it – or being simply playful; but on paper or on screen it beckons mysteriously, which is all that may be required, here, in the end.

In any event: to whet one’s appetite or to open one’s ears for what most likely can be expected from the album as a whole, and from Buke and Gase live on stage, three energetic tracks.

Firstly, “In the Company of Fish.”

Then, “Metazoa.”

And third, “Hiccup.”