The Brackman Trio At the Lunchtime Concert at the Concertgebouw

Today in the Concertgebouw’s series of lunchtime concerts, the Brackman Trio was performing – a young Amsterdam ensemble comprising the violinist Tim Brackman, the cellist Jonathan van IJzerlooij, and the pianist (and flutist) Anne Brackman; the program included the second and third parts of Leonard Bernstein’s early work “Trio” and Liszt’s “Tristia, Vallée d’Obermann,” and the ensemble played them very well indeed, with great concentration and feeling, in particular the Liszt, earning a standing ovation in the end.

They have already put out two CDs; the website has the details.

Though Anne Brackman has a channel, there isn’t very much to be found yet on Youtube, but the following videos do give some idea of the musicianship of each of the three individually.

Anne Brackman (on the flute).

Jonathan van IJzerlooij.

And Tim Brackman.

It will be interesting and a pleasure to see and hear what the Brackman Trio does next.

Postscript. It’s come to my attention that the Brackman Trio does also have a channel on Youtube.