Jonnie Allen

A new discovery on Soundcloud is the Englishman Jonnie Allen. Although not a great amount of biographical information is provided on his page there, nor on his Myspace page, one does learn that he currently lives in Salisbury; but, turning to his music, there acoustic streams flowing from the electronic and techno scene, from the West Indies, and from the Subcontinent blend together in a very fresh manner that one probably wouldn’t encounter readily beyond the United Kingdom, or rather, even outside that country’s metropoles.

Fortunately for those of us across the Channel, or the Atlantic, let alone anyone further afield, the sun never sets on the good British musicians, singers and songwriters, and DJs such as Allen who are very well represented on sites throughout the Internet.

It seems Allen himself knows a thing or two about traveling, its pitfalls, perks, and lasting benefits; from the few words he devotes to his own past on his Myspace page, he knew the club scene in London’s warehouses at first hand and was intimately familiar with the life of an itinerant DJ passing through other large British cities (living through, in his words, perhaps with or perhaps without much exaggeration, debauchery all around England), and then took flight for half a year or so to India, where – with only the most essential equipment – he was able to devote himself to his music: and, if what he’s posted over the last two years or so on his pages offers any indication, it seems quite likely that such a period of relatively solitary concentration on the other side of the world stood him well.

Back in Great Britain, Allen has turned his attention to the writing of an album’s worth of each major musical genre, and in the sheer diversity of his tracks he appears already to have gone some of the distance towards that goal.

It should prove interesting to follow his progress and to see where his kind of music – and his singing voice, which is quite distinctive and very appealing, not to mention his witty sense of humour – will take him.

One of his songs, “Hindu Stan,” has been issued as a single by Oracle Releasing in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the tracks he’s uploaded on his Soundcloud page.

Ready to Run.”

Into the Machine.”

Life Is Pain, I Am a Vampire.”


And “Dance Alia Dance.”

While on Allen’s Myspace page there are some other tracks, including the more straightforward “Coming Up” and “Hindu Stan,” as well as “Fantastic Mister Fox” and “Crayon Cops,” in which he takes that sense of humour out for a spin.