Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens, of Eugene, Oregon, is prominent as one of the best of the current wave of beatboxers, musicians who replicate all the various sounds in a musical arrangement by means of their voice and vocal apparatus, and reassemble the results in the studio into music that often matches a conventional instrumentation tone for tone – but he’s been making music of the more usual kind for quite some time as well, having founded (amongst his other activities) a well-⁠known a cappella group at the University of Oregon, On the Rocks.

Recently he’s released an album (which includes an original song, “Sleepwalking”), and he also works as a music producer.

His singing and beatboxing is elaborate, and it’s fascinating to hear just how complex the results of this approach to music can be. And to see them: his videos are fun to watch, and often instructive too (frequently he includes a breakdown of the various vocal tracks in them).