A High Summer Note

An apology is due for the unforeseen three-⁠month-⁠long hiatus of this website, but the interruption simply could not be helped. With high summer now arrived, however, I anticipate being able gradually to resume a more regular schedule of posting, including a number of longer texts, in the next months.

Whether I will continue to offer a Soundcloud round-⁠up every week, every other week, or perhaps once a month, remains to be seen. (To some degree I do feel this feature is becoming, at least to my own taste, a little too routine.)

Towards the end of my period of absence, I did free enough time for myself to read through many of the entries on this website and in my Compendium, and I’ve made a few changes to quite a few of them, mainly by supplying full stops in the punctuation here and there. (Ah, the art of the periodic sentence – there always is room for improvement there.) Site maintenance was another task to which I found some time to devote: I have provided the website with a substantially fuller explanatory statement, which is accessible via the leftmost menu heading, while also removing the PDF offprints I had produced earlier of the longer essays, now superfluous as those texts along with nearly all the others may be consulted in the Compendium and printed out by the curious from that source.

As before, comments from readers about the website are welcome.