As the latest and, hopefully, the last in a series of permutations of site-⁠design, this current format aims dispenses with extraneous elements for the most part, to focus solely upon the music and the text. Visual materials are included sparingly in the texts, and when they do appear, it is because an image was deemed to contribute to the argument or the train of thought.

This website is powered by Wordpress, and the format used as a basis is Cyanotype, created by Takashi Irie. Typefaces are provided by Adobe Fonts. Care has been taken to optimize its appearance for several of the Internet browsers in common use, but it will display best with the Safari browser.

Typographical or other errors will be corrected silently.

(Used on occasion as a generic image for the Musicuratum project is a depiction of a musical vest and bow-⁠tie hailing from Tom Sawyer Waistcoats. By this no copyright infringement is intended. As for other images, credits are listed on this page. Omissions are inadvertent and will be amended if the makers or copyright-⁠holders so request.)