The Sunday – Surprise

At last the project spoken of a week ago is ready for its debut, and so I am pleased to announce that nearly all the texts posted on this website, omitting only a few incidental notices, bulletins, and updates, have been compiled in their original sequence into a single PDF file, formatted as a book, which readers may peruse and print out at their convenience.

This computer file, moreover, will not remain static but will be augmented periodically with new texts as they appear on this website. (That is, perhaps until it reaches a certain total length, at which point I might consider other options.)

For this book I have written a long preface in which something of the raison d’être of the Musicuratum project is presented, something of its genesis recounted, and something of my agenda elucidated. Not only this is new, but in addition, I’ve supplied an extensive enumeration of acknowledgements, which the curious may also wish to consult.

In its present state, the compilation is considerably more than three hundred pages in length, and so I have chosen to entitle it simply Musicuratum: The Compendium.

As ever, responses from readers are welcome and appreciated.

(There will be no Sunday round-⁠up this evening, of course.)