Yogev Freilichman

Yogev Freilichman is a music student in Jerusalem who’s been uploading some eerie pieces of electro-⁠acoustic and ambient music on his Soundcloud page, including one or two that feature his spoken words, although these are admitted as much for their sonorous weight as for their significance – or so it seems to me, but then, I don’t speak Hebrew, so what do I know. And in others he makes an effective and disquieting use of sub-⁠significant vocal noises, grunts and panting and the like, spacing them out into a sort of counterpoint to the arrangements of electronic sounds, which in their own right are already quite spooky.

The total result sticks in the listener’s mind, and I have a feeling that Freilichman is going to be a sonic artist of note.

Here’s a piece entitled “Spare Muse.”

The following is a sort of transposition of Luciano Berio’s “Sequenza iii” into a very different register, or really, a complete recreation of it that somehow preserves – focuses and magnifies – its perturbations (he calls it the “Kandinsky Lost It Remix”).

For the purpose of comparison, here is the performance of Berio’s piece by his wife, Cathy Berberian, to whom the piece was dedicated.

And lastly, here is a collaboration with Marco Milevski (another Jerusalem musician) entitled “Nylos.”