Tonight bring all your friends because a group does it better

For an Evening Like This: “Heavy Metal Lover” (Lady Gaga)

Yes, this evening it will be that time of the year once again.

Now, apart from the intrinsic interest of much of what she does, many of Lady Gaga’s songs lend themselves readily to covers and remixes, and “Heavy Metal Lover” is no exception, though it’s not so much the singers who have risen to the challenge as the DJs around the world, who’ve elicited some very different versions from the song, taking it as a framework for divergent variations on its themes – and in at least once instance, in a particularly sophisticated move, even playing the vocals backwards.

To enliven this New Year’s Eve – and for future use in 2013 – I’ve put together a playlist of fifteen impressive recreations, spotted through a simple search of Soundcloud.

Along for the ride, on this night out, is an international group of DJs and music-⁠makers, some well-⁠known, others less so, but in their treatments here all in top form – where available I’ve listed their actual names, rather than their Soundcloud handles: Alejandrodr 1903 (Caracas, Venezuela), Andrew Beckstead (Canada), Boyalexboy (Brookline, Massachusetts (?)), Matt Brown (Canada), José Manuel Cuellar (Málaga, Spain), Drew G. (West Hollywood, California), Ramon Grajales (New Jersey), Honest Holy Eyes (China and the United States), Cameron Kleve (?), Joe Matthews (Belgium), Mugler (Carthage (?), United States), Yoshimitsu Sama (Italy), Sanmart (Spain), Clinton Sparks (Boston, Massachusetts), and Roman Stone (Tennessee).

A chain of “Heavy Metal Lovers” may not be what everyone’s seeking on a night like tonight, granted, even for the dance floor; and so those who’re in the mood for a more varied but also a more concentrated dose of Gaga instead, can turn to Zach Rickel, a DJ in Grand Rapids, Michigan who’s put together a megamix:

First postscript. There seems to be some technical issue with the playlist here; for the moment it starts from the third track: so for the time being, for all fifteen, it can be played at the Soundcloud page.

Second postscript. Unfortunately, Drew G. has removed his remix from his Soundcloud page, so I’ve added one by Paws Up 96 (New York) instead.