Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson is another instance that makes one reflect upon the paradoxe sur le comédien, or rather, in her case, the paradoxe de la chanteuse, even if the word chanteuse is not now the right one for her at the present time, as she is very young indeed – just eleven years old! And yet her singing is astonishing and if one did not know, one could hardly guess how young she is, nor would one hesitate to honour her with that title. And if what she’s accomplished thus far, after being on Youtube for a year, offers any indication, it won’t be all that long before the term will truly begin to suit her.

Somehow this Londoner already knows how to pair subtle and sharp while covering some pretty bleak love songs (and it is by no means easy to do a fitting cover of Lana Del Rey), and with further experience, training, and work, her capacity is going to be one that an audience won’t soon forget.

Thompson has been recognised by some other young singers and musicians on Youtube such as Tiago Braga, who collaborated with her recently in a duet (it was the first time I heard her), and it’s a form in which I think she’ll shine; I hope she’ll participate in more of them.