The Soft Moon: A New Video and a New Audio Upload

Having just released a new album, Zeros, and currently on a tour of several European cities (according to the schedule posted on its website, a concert in Utrecht is slated for November 30), the San Francisco band The Soft Moon has posted a video for the song “Machines,” which I’ve added to the playlist: edited by Ron Robinson, it is drawn from Ralph Steiner’s 1930 film, Mechanical Principles (which itself has been uploaded elsewhere on Youtube), and the montage of various kinds of gears and pistons in operation, now coupled with the aural pulsations, works to convey – in the strong sense of the word – a great surge of energy to those who are watching and listening to it.

In addition, the band’s record label, Captured Tracks, has uploaded the song “Insides” to its Soundcloud page.