Suite: An EP by Giovanni Dettori

The Milanese composer Giovanni Dettori (well-⁠known above all for his “Lady Gaga Fugue” and his efforts to bring back the art of counterpoint) has completed an EP, Suite, and uploaded a couple of the pieces included on it onto his Youtube channel, one of which, “Storiaterza,” I’ve added to the playlist; it’s a composition delightfully full of happenings, abuzz with percolations of jazz and tango, and marked in its tempo – or tempi, as several come and go in the course of it – by one pizzicato after another: and it makes one curious about the whole album, which is available through the usual sites on the Internet, for instance on iTunes.

The sample provided there of another of his compositions, “Storiaquarta,” is especially intriguing.

Dettori’s album came about when a sculpture exhibition, to accompany which he had originally written the pieces, failed to materialise, and rather than let these works languish on paper he was able to record them, with the help of musician friends; for my part, I certainly hope that the ensemble goes on to give the live performances of them which he’s expressed his interest in seeing take place.