A few months ago I featured in the Sunday evening round-⁠up a collaboration of the English DJ Mobidextrous (earlier a resident of Beijing, he now lives in Singapore) and the Chinese singer known as Miss Melody, a song entitled “Ru Meng Ling” wherein some verses dating from the Song dynasty were set to appropriately reflective music; since then I’ve made the acquaintance of the other tracks on his Soundcloud page (he also maintains pages on Myspace and Reverbnation), and there’s quite a lot to listen to, actually, including other collaborations between the two.

In fact, it turns out that he has posted multiple versions of “Ru Meng Ling,” and one of them, produced with a little help from their friends, namely “Jarome’s Song Dynasty Refix,” definitely adds some extra finish to the work; so, by way of amendment, I’d like to embed it now.

Another of their collaborations, not quite as reflective or as slow as the other, is “Huan,” a song about the unsettling flux of life in the country’s largest cities today.

Similarly inventive musically, two other numbers, in which Mobidextrous goes solo, also ought to be mentioned.

Firstly, there is an instance of a genre he calls “folkstep,” “Gong Yan.”

Then an uncategorised and softly menacing tune, “Three/Four Time Noodles”: