An Exhibition in New York

This week I’ve alighted in New York, and in lieu of a round-⁠up this Sunday – for how could I possibly hope to compete with the high-⁠voltage Youtube spectacle shortly to be launched into the world from Pier 36? – I should simply like to commend to anyone in the vicinity a very worthwhile exhibition of works by that most musical of modern artists, Vassily Kandinsky, on view until February at the Neue Galerie. In it, alongside some of the “improvisations” and “compositions,” several of the sketches for his décors for theatre are included, to the strains of music by Schönberg, as well as replicas of the murals the artist created for the Juryfreie Kunstschau in 1922, and through this well-⁠selected presentation of fifteen years in Kandinsky’s career, one is indeed given insight into the movement of his art from point and line to – not only to surface, but also to sound.

Vassily Kandinsky, “Autour du cercle” (May-⁠August 1940)

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York